Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Will Mostly be--Not Around This Week

 Just wanted to drop a note that I will pretty much not be around this coming week. I am finishing up with the cleaning hopefully by tomorrow will be mostly finished. We have a friend coming down to visit from out of state sometime within the next few days, I just got in a large soap order to make up, I also need to find time to get back to clearing the grass out of my little garden spot-but right now cleaning the house is priority, and the weather has been perfect here for working outdoors instead-sigh. I guess next time I will clean on those rainy days-which I don't like to do.
    I will be popping in for my breaks to read, but won't be posting too much. Just so ya know. 
I need to pick up my fishing license too, so I can tag along with the guys fishing this week. This morning Larry and Mr. L went fishing at ha ha tonka state park for something different besides trout-in the 30s this morning-too cold for this girl-lol
Have an awesome week!


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