Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Finished Weaving my 4th Towel Now on to the Next One

  I decided this week, I really needed to weave off my towels. This project has been on the loom far too long. If you check my label weaving you can see when I started this project-and all the troubles I had in the beginning. I figured if I managed to get 4 towels woven I would be thrilled and happy, as I did not know how the warp would behave-with all the troubles in the beginning.
    I did end up breaking a few threads along the way, but that can all be fixed in the towels once I get it off the loom. I finished the 4th towel this morning, and since all the towels are using a different color for the warp; decided on this soft green. I had just a little left on the cone so should work out to get most of it used up. This yarn has allot more texture in it, but will work out nice for a towel I think. Wasn't sure if I liked this color with the gold warp but I think it will be fine.
   I am going to try really hard to stick with weaving this towel til its completed.
 I really must get some of my creativity projects completed before I start new ones. One of the reasons I have not started on my civil war quilt or 1830's quilts yet.
     This is the time of year I like to do allot of hand dyeing, and I am also wanting to start on my second fiber art piece too. I have been thinking about what I want to design. My first piece was Apples and a Bear. I would like to stick with the bear theme and had thought of Pumpkins and a Bear-not sure yet. 
     These are mixed media pieces with wools, cottons, silks etc. I love embellishing with wool roving and silk noil needle felting. So I went threw my stash today and ordered a few more colors of silk noil so I would have them on hand. I also went to Dharma Trading and ordered some dyes to use on silk, along with soy wax and tools for batik; which I have been wanting to try.
   So back to my last towel, I think I have just enough warp left for one more towel, will see how it goes, and if there is enough, I may weave it off for a table runner to use up the yarns. 
    Here is a photo-what is your honest opinion about the color combination??  It is definately different-lol This one will have that brown stripe on either end of the piece.


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