Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Finished my Towels and a New Outdoor Visitor

 Our friends were here over the weekend; we had a wonderful time. Fishing at Bennett Springs for trout, hiking at Ha Ha Tonka State Park, and viewing Bagnell Dam from on top. Good eats and good times catching up. 
    I forgot my camera when I tagged along to Bennett Springs on Sunday; and so the wildlife was abundant even with all the holiday visitors. I got to watch two cranes catch fish down stream on the river, saw a young vulture sunnying itself up on top of a tall tree, watch an eagle fly in-looking for fish, and watched geese with her youngsters swim by. Really a nice time for us all.
   They went back home late yesterday, and missed them as soon as pulled out of our driveway. Our friend P-----  and Larry have been like brothers for over 40 years. and his daughter K and I are so similiar we could be sisters even though our age difference is 35 years.
   So this morning I decided I was going to finish up my towels. They are woven, off the loom, cut apart, finished and washed and dried-I love them! Turned out soft with a good feel and "hand" they are 100% cotton.
    Photos are front and back of the loom with the finish of the 5th towel, the 5 towels before the wash, and the last two they are folded and sitting on top of my 10 burner wolf stove-top shelf.

  This afternoon I look out the window-and our new visitor friend was here-he has discovered the corn and sunflower seeds. We have both the grey and red fox here this is the grey fox.


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