Monday, May 20, 2013

Bracing for Storms and Severe Weather


 Lots of thunder and lightening started early last night here, lots of rain too. It has now stopped and will start up again later this afternoon threw the night and tomorrow when the worst of it will arrive from Oklahoma.
   Prayers for those that have had their lives turned upside down in Oklahoma and Kansas already. 
   I moved most of my smaller potted containers under the overhang to protect them from the high winds, strong rains, and possible large hale. My tomatoes are in huge tubs so can not move those-and they have pretty strong stems already, so hoping they will be ok
     I grew up with tornadoes living in Indiana, so I have seen the damage they can do first hand-I remember those Palm Sunday tornadoes that hit a huge area near where I was living. Wow that was a really long time ago too.
   I should know more about my Mom later today. She ended up having a partial hip replacement, and soon will enter rehab. My brother has been right there with her all this time, but took yesterday off, as she was stable and was doing much better. He will find out today why they have not put her back on her dimentia medication, and will talk with the lawyer as well. We are hoping after the month or so at rehab that she will be able to return to her home, but with more caregivers on hand. My brother had found this really nice home that was up for rent right across the street from him. A couple of years ago she needed to move off of the farm so he could better watch over her. This has worked out pretty well so far.
    We had a nice visit with our friend. He just wanted some down time and a visit, so we didn't go fishing or visit state parks in the area. We did go to an annual flea market on Saturday. The guys went together and I went in with my neighbor friend-as she had a few more stops to make in town. We kept running into each other-which was fun. We even ended up at the same restaurant for breakfast-lol and the guys paid for our meal-
   My friend and I didn't get back home til late afternoon, I was looking for a few more veggie plants and came away with more sweet potatoe plants, roma tomatoes, and a few flowers. When I got home I did make my lemon meringue pie as promised-turned out soooo good. I cut the pie in 6 pieces. We had warm pie after supper-which was really yummy, and cold pie for breakfast  the next morning just before he left to go back home in northern Illinois. (my pie recipe is in my labels under recipes pie or here is the link-this is an excellent recipe from Farm Journal Cookbooks )
     We have another friend and his daughter coming down this Friday-mostly to go trout fishing-which will be fun. The storms will be out of here by Wednesday and we will stay in the 70s and 80s which is good too, better than these low 90s already
   I am feeling kinda pooped this morning so not sure what I want to do with my day. I may just do some weaving, or if I get more energetic start back on my tissue paper walls in the bathroom

  Have an awesome Monday!  oh and opinions please on my new page redo--is it still easy to read or is the green too bright? thanks



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