Thursday, May 30, 2013

Storms Approaching-Again-and Art Supplies Arrived

  Hopefully with these storms we may finally lose the humidity, as long as they don't get too severe I always welcome the rain here in Missouri
   I have little bugs all over my two Japanese eggplant plants. I am thinking they are aphids. Soapy water not working too well so went to sevin-and they are still there-any ideas to get rid of these guys before they kill my two plants? thanks
Always fun when my package from Dharma Trading arrives in the  mail. It came today-and lots of fun ahead packed in there-soy flakes and the copper tools to draw lines etc with the melted wax for batik type dyeing, silk dyes, a felting stone-which I have been wanting, and Jaquard dyes for silks along with water resist for more design creating on the silks. Also a thermometer for the wax-which is marked really well so may buy another one someday for my soap making.

   I have pretty much decided to add the extra grey wool to the mix of yarns for my upcoming woven cocoon wrap-when I get the loom set up will just experiment and see what I like. 
   Looking up my weaving notes for the pattern, I ran into the notes I had made for the warp needed to weave leather into a cocoon. I had met a local master weaver that also held classes where I lived in Illinois-if we hadn't moved to Missouri when we did, I would definately had wanted to take some classes from her. She is also on the Yahoo weaving group online and is always there to help with weaving questions-I love meeting people like that, those that share knowledge 
   Anyways-another project in the making from years past was my leather one. We had visited for several years an 1800's mountain man event in Wisconsin that was held at one of the last original tanning places (now no longer there-sigh) We had bought this huge huge box of leather cutoffs from their sewing of clothing to sell. Allot of the leather was really soft so I cut allot of it up into weft to weave something with it. I should have enough made up already to make me a cool shawl with wools and the leather or turn into the cocoon. In my notes my contact on the weaving group suggested what warp yarns I needed for clothing or for placemats when weaving with the leather-so I just ordered what I needed for my shawl this morning. Thanks to a few nice soap orders I have a little extra money to buy supplies with.
    So I may just finally weave this up and see how it turns out. decisions decisions-I am in the mood so far to catch up on projects started and finish them up I guess-which can be a good thing-lol. This leather one has been in the making from around 2000-time just passes by too quickly for me. Good thing I am someone that stays the same weight threw the years too.
   It may be good to weave another project for me to get more in the weaving mode before I weave to sell too

   I had a couple photos to add to this post, but the photos are not working so will try again later on today to put them in
  bummer the photos here still don't work-so I can't upload them still-anyone else having troubles with it?

    So what are you all up to this week?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Went "Shopping" for Yarn--In my Yarn Stash & a Rant on Dish Washers lol

A lazy day today. The humidity is still very high here, storms and rain around us but not here yet. Hubby has not ventured to fix the a/c  yet. I don't blame him as he needs to go up in the very hot attic to find the problem. I don't like using the a/c, as it takes my body time to adjust to it-but we are going to need something once we hit the 90s and above here-mostly for my craft room with all the soap supplies and yarns etc I have in there.
    So anyways I did allot yesterday, and I am really tired today along with allergies kicking in too with all this wind kicking around the pollens; so I decided to go shopping in my huge stash of yarns for my next weaving project.
   Instead of another set of towels to make for sale, I decided to dig out my cocoon pattern that I just love. I made one for me years back and just love it. It's a nice wide long handwoven shawl that you sew the ends into "arms" and then one has a nice little wrap that stays on the shoulders and back with sleeves. I made mine with long fringe instead of a hem-as I love love long fringe. 
  I knew I had lots of yarns for weaving-collected since the late 70s, but needed to remind myself what I had. 
    Do the rest of you that use yarns have so much? I love wools and the natural fibers so I have collected allot at resale shops, garage sales, and online sales. Just before retirement I bought linen warp, silks, and some organic cottons and mohairs to add to my collection, since I figured I would not have dollars for such extras.
   I found the lovely organic cotton which is a soft beige with flecks of browns and I was told it will get darker threw the different washings. This I decided will be nice for the warp-it is soft, strong, and I think will drape well. So I have been spending the afternoon looking for what to put with it. I like combining a little mohair in the weft with another cotton or even a fine wool. I had a pretty really soft yellow cotton, found some pretty mohair in blues and burnt oranges-no not quite what I want. Then I found a cone of a cotton-flax-rayon textured yarn that matches with the organic cotton. Yep I really like that.
   Kept putting the different mohairs in-but nope not quite right-so I said I must have more yarn choices in here -lol. Then I remembered I had put that big find of linens, wools, & cottons a few months back into old cotton pillow cases. Looked in there and I found a gorgeous soft white-grey mohair-I think I got it lol 
  What do you think of the colors? I know grey is suppose to be an "in" color this year. I do have a another grey wool that is a little darker but I think this may be softer. Not sure about the beiges and the grey together-but I think I like this. I thought I had a brown mohair but have not run into one. I do have several shades of brown wools but not thin enough yarn to use for this

The cone to the left is the organic cotton which is suppose to turn darker after several washings, middle is the cotton-flax-rayon, and then the soft grey mohair cone. I want to make something light yet warm for cooler evenings in the spring threw end of fall seasons. If this works up nice-will be listing in my etsy fibers shop.

After Supper Update:
    I just really needed to try out one of my handwovens. I am one of those persons that refuses to own or use a dish washer. For me; nothing beats hand washing in very hot water, rinsing in very hot water and then letting dry and put dishes away-lol It is also so much quieter too-I am not much on un necessary machines. I also never bought into the idea that dish washers were more sanitary than hand washing. I read a post once on someone's blog how very dirty and unsanitary those machines can be if one does not take apart and really clean and disenfect the bottoms of those machines with special cleaning agents-so no thanks-lol just a rant of mine.
     I finally decided to stop using a dish drainer a few years ago cause there was no way to keep it sanitary-even stainless was a pain to keep clean. So a couple years ago I started using a thick towel for my dishes to dry on. Now I see one can buy a special towel for just that purpose at Wal mart-oh my lol
    So I grabbed one of my handwoven towels to drain my dishes tonight-I can't tell you how awesome it feels to use one of your own handwovens.
    I have woven off and on since I learned back in the late 70's-but I always made shawls, table runners, and such, never towels. Can't wait now to get my big loom set up to make bath towels-now that will feel really special.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Finished my Towels and a New Outdoor Visitor

 Our friends were here over the weekend; we had a wonderful time. Fishing at Bennett Springs for trout, hiking at Ha Ha Tonka State Park, and viewing Bagnell Dam from on top. Good eats and good times catching up. 
    I forgot my camera when I tagged along to Bennett Springs on Sunday; and so the wildlife was abundant even with all the holiday visitors. I got to watch two cranes catch fish down stream on the river, saw a young vulture sunnying itself up on top of a tall tree, watch an eagle fly in-looking for fish, and watched geese with her youngsters swim by. Really a nice time for us all.
   They went back home late yesterday, and missed them as soon as pulled out of our driveway. Our friend P-----  and Larry have been like brothers for over 40 years. and his daughter K and I are so similiar we could be sisters even though our age difference is 35 years.
   So this morning I decided I was going to finish up my towels. They are woven, off the loom, cut apart, finished and washed and dried-I love them! Turned out soft with a good feel and "hand" they are 100% cotton.
    Photos are front and back of the loom with the finish of the 5th towel, the 5 towels before the wash, and the last two they are folded and sitting on top of my 10 burner wolf stove-top shelf.

  This afternoon I look out the window-and our new visitor friend was here-he has discovered the corn and sunflower seeds. We have both the grey and red fox here this is the grey fox.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Wisteria in Bloom and Betty Mae

My wisteria is just gorgeous this year. This is the 10th year now plus we have had a cool spring with lots and lots of rain. It has even climbed up high into the nearby maple tree. I also trimmed it early spring too-so that might have also helped with the abundance of blooms on both sides of the fence this year.

 Kept hearing a little cry all day yesterday and finally discovered this little one. Don't know where she came from but she is a baby and was starving. So many people dump off their unwanted animals here on the road in front of driveways-so sad. We have at least 1/2 mile driveway so always amazes me when little ones make it down to the house.

Can't let her go hungry so will feed her and see how it goes, perhaps I can find her a happy home. I love her pretty blue eyes too.  I did name her-Betty Mae. Betty was my late sister's name and Mae is my mother's middle name-and Mom is not doing so well. Her dimentia for now has taken a turn for the worse. With her hip replacement she had to go under anesthesia and that has made her memory much worse. So time will tell.

The little one reminds me that life is always reborn, she may have popped in on me to give me comfort too.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Look for Our Father's Day Giveaway

  Rita and I enjoyed our Mother's Day giveaway so much, that we decided to put together a Father's Day giveaway too.
  We will start making our items next week-so stay tuned-and spread the word. Our giveaways give you the chance to win and to try out our items that we make for our shops; and also would make a wonderful gift too for your father or special someone.
  Father's Day is June 16th in the USA so hope to be posting in a week or so. International always welcome in our giveaways.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Finished Weaving my 4th Towel Now on to the Next One

  I decided this week, I really needed to weave off my towels. This project has been on the loom far too long. If you check my label weaving you can see when I started this project-and all the troubles I had in the beginning. I figured if I managed to get 4 towels woven I would be thrilled and happy, as I did not know how the warp would behave-with all the troubles in the beginning.
    I did end up breaking a few threads along the way, but that can all be fixed in the towels once I get it off the loom. I finished the 4th towel this morning, and since all the towels are using a different color for the warp; decided on this soft green. I had just a little left on the cone so should work out to get most of it used up. This yarn has allot more texture in it, but will work out nice for a towel I think. Wasn't sure if I liked this color with the gold warp but I think it will be fine.
   I am going to try really hard to stick with weaving this towel til its completed.
 I really must get some of my creativity projects completed before I start new ones. One of the reasons I have not started on my civil war quilt or 1830's quilts yet.
     This is the time of year I like to do allot of hand dyeing, and I am also wanting to start on my second fiber art piece too. I have been thinking about what I want to design. My first piece was Apples and a Bear. I would like to stick with the bear theme and had thought of Pumpkins and a Bear-not sure yet. 
     These are mixed media pieces with wools, cottons, silks etc. I love embellishing with wool roving and silk noil needle felting. So I went threw my stash today and ordered a few more colors of silk noil so I would have them on hand. I also went to Dharma Trading and ordered some dyes to use on silk, along with soy wax and tools for batik; which I have been wanting to try.
   So back to my last towel, I think I have just enough warp left for one more towel, will see how it goes, and if there is enough, I may weave it off for a table runner to use up the yarns. 
    Here is a photo-what is your honest opinion about the color combination??  It is definately different-lol This one will have that brown stripe on either end of the piece.

Quilts-Handmade Blankets for Oklahoma

I just saw this on Bonnie's blog (Quiltville Quips and Snips). More information here

This is from Ellen Medlock of the Ellen Medlock Studio Store in Tulsa, OK.

"I am honored to start a QUILT DRIVE for OKLAHOMA Tornado Families. If you wish to donate a quilt, please send to our shop- and we will make sure it is placed in the right hands!

Ship to:

OK Quilt Drive,
 c/o Ellen Medlock Studio Store, 
10032 S. Sheridan Rd, Suite H-1, 
Tulsa, OK 74133. 

(We will be happy to place any kind of blanket, for that matter!)"  I just contacted Ellen and yes she is also accepting knitted and crocheted blankets


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Reclaims From the Resale Shops

  My friend called me up this morning, and asked if I wanted to go shopping at the resale shops-"Sure sounds good to me" I say.
   We hadn't gone in awhile now. I didn't have anything to sell but my friend had a big box full ready to go. I was on the look out for silk clothing, linen, and I always check out the men's all cotton shirts in xxl. The cottons are excellent for quilting and the silks I can use for my crazy quilting, or dye projects. I was mostly looking for neutrals that I could dye easily, but we found some gorgeous colors today instead. I don't mind a little linen either especially linen and silk which is nice for embroidery projects.
   I have my friend now looking for reclaims too-saves so much money. She does allot of beautiful embroidery and we found some gorgeous linens for her-deep purples, blues etc.
   I took a few photos, I also found one pretty silk blue tie which I forgot to add to the photos.
                    This first photo is 100% cotton shirts-these were high quality with a wonderful feel to them

This second photo is 100% silks. Love these colors. The blues and greens will work out for my under the sea crazy quilt block I am planning on doing. I only found two neutrals for dying, but I think I could dye the green too. The greens were a good find. One is an xxl mens shirt with very cool buttons too for .50 cents. The other green was a blouse and pant outfit for .50 cents as well-that made up for the couple pieces that were $3.00

These two pieces are linen and silk

I found these pieces at the two resale shops we love, and spent under $20.00 for all of it That price also included a vintage dish from Germany that I can use for a photo prop for my soaps. So a nice day out-and no more storms today.

   All is good here where I live. We had very hard rains, lightening, strong winds, and hail-but no damage. 
   Prayers for Oklahoma.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Bracing for Storms and Severe Weather


 Lots of thunder and lightening started early last night here, lots of rain too. It has now stopped and will start up again later this afternoon threw the night and tomorrow when the worst of it will arrive from Oklahoma.
   Prayers for those that have had their lives turned upside down in Oklahoma and Kansas already. 
   I moved most of my smaller potted containers under the overhang to protect them from the high winds, strong rains, and possible large hale. My tomatoes are in huge tubs so can not move those-and they have pretty strong stems already, so hoping they will be ok
     I grew up with tornadoes living in Indiana, so I have seen the damage they can do first hand-I remember those Palm Sunday tornadoes that hit a huge area near where I was living. Wow that was a really long time ago too.
   I should know more about my Mom later today. She ended up having a partial hip replacement, and soon will enter rehab. My brother has been right there with her all this time, but took yesterday off, as she was stable and was doing much better. He will find out today why they have not put her back on her dimentia medication, and will talk with the lawyer as well. We are hoping after the month or so at rehab that she will be able to return to her home, but with more caregivers on hand. My brother had found this really nice home that was up for rent right across the street from him. A couple of years ago she needed to move off of the farm so he could better watch over her. This has worked out pretty well so far.
    We had a nice visit with our friend. He just wanted some down time and a visit, so we didn't go fishing or visit state parks in the area. We did go to an annual flea market on Saturday. The guys went together and I went in with my neighbor friend-as she had a few more stops to make in town. We kept running into each other-which was fun. We even ended up at the same restaurant for breakfast-lol and the guys paid for our meal-
   My friend and I didn't get back home til late afternoon, I was looking for a few more veggie plants and came away with more sweet potatoe plants, roma tomatoes, and a few flowers. When I got home I did make my lemon meringue pie as promised-turned out soooo good. I cut the pie in 6 pieces. We had warm pie after supper-which was really yummy, and cold pie for breakfast  the next morning just before he left to go back home in northern Illinois. (my pie recipe is in my labels under recipes pie or here is the link-this is an excellent recipe from Farm Journal Cookbooks )
     We have another friend and his daughter coming down this Friday-mostly to go trout fishing-which will be fun. The storms will be out of here by Wednesday and we will stay in the 70s and 80s which is good too, better than these low 90s already
   I am feeling kinda pooped this morning so not sure what I want to do with my day. I may just do some weaving, or if I get more energetic start back on my tissue paper walls in the bathroom

  Have an awesome Monday!  oh and opinions please on my new page redo--is it still easy to read or is the green too bright? thanks


Friday, May 17, 2013

Lazy Day Today

  I needed a "down" day, and today has been a nice day for that. A hazy cloudy day, not too hot, not too humid. I finished up a big soap order, made lunch for our out of state friend and hubby and then went out to my new sitting area amongst the flowers and veggies-and read my book awhile and dozed off a bit too, with miss calico kitty on my lap. so that was really nice.
    I also had washed and set up lots of hummingbird feeders this morning-as they are buzzing all over the place. So was relaxing to listen to them.
   My (86 years old) Mom fell and broke her hip yesterday morning. My brother had just retired from 35 years last Tuesday so happened to be home. He called her in the morning, no answer, so went right over to check on her (she lives across the street from him now) He had a key to get in-and found her. So she had a partial hip replacement, but with her dimentia-is very confused now. Big decisions will now need to be made for her care. So this is all a concern. 
    Our doctor finally got back to us and said nothing had changed in the blood work from last time for hubby, I am thinking of seeing if I can get his yearly cardiac visit moved up to see what he thinks. My blood work always comes back perfect except I have high cholesterol and I am on medicine for that. He says all the other numbers are low and excellent so not concerned with that. I need to see what I can do on my own to bring it down though. I don't eat much dairy, small portions of meat, have a gluten free diet so don't know what it could be. Perhaps heredity 
    I am thinking of getting energized to make a lemon meringue pie from scratch. I have fresh farm eggs, and I have lemons-so that sounds really good to me-lol
   I also just added a contact me by email button on my right column, if some of you would check that out-and tell me if it works or not-thanks.
  Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, May 13, 2013

What's New in my Kathyinozarks Soaps? Sales!

  I just put several items on sale on my etsy shop
  I have my pumpkin scrub-which is really awesome, whipped shea butter-my favorite, and even my gardeners hand scrub all on sale. Would like to make some new items but would love to sell what I have on hand first. I also put some  guest soaps on sale too. 
Thanks for looking 
On Sale On Sale Hand Scrub Especially Nice for Mechanics and Gardeners Hands

On Sale On Sale Whipped Shea Butter Moisturizer for your Skin

On Sale On Sale Little Golden Birds Guest Soaps-nice for gift favors too

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Will Mostly be--Not Around This Week

 Just wanted to drop a note that I will pretty much not be around this coming week. I am finishing up with the cleaning hopefully by tomorrow will be mostly finished. We have a friend coming down to visit from out of state sometime within the next few days, I just got in a large soap order to make up, I also need to find time to get back to clearing the grass out of my little garden spot-but right now cleaning the house is priority, and the weather has been perfect here for working outdoors instead-sigh. I guess next time I will clean on those rainy days-which I don't like to do.
    I will be popping in for my breaks to read, but won't be posting too much. Just so ya know. 
I need to pick up my fishing license too, so I can tag along with the guys fishing this week. This morning Larry and Mr. L went fishing at ha ha tonka state park for something different besides trout-in the 30s this morning-too cold for this girl-lol
Have an awesome week!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Won a Giveaway Too

Awhile back I entered an awesome giveaway for a Vera Bradley tote bag. One of the blogs I read, thanks to Akuna for introducing me to, 2 Bags Full, was holding the giveaway.
These were so pretty, bright and cheerful that I decided to enter. Out of hundreds of entries-I won one-how fun is that?? I love giveaways both winning-which I seldom do and giving away.
  My pretty bag arrived today, found a photo of it online. So now I can't wait to use it, with all this rain-raining again today-I need some sunshine. I am not complaining too much about the rain cause no rain is worse-but I need it to stop raining for a bit so I can get my little garden ready to plant.  Thank you again to Vicki

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

And the Winner is----

 I have been mixing these names up off and on the last few days, we even got a last day entry too. These are all of you that entered here on blogger and also on blogster-those of you that posted on facebook thank you, and you all got an extra entry.

Congratulations Pam!!  Please pm me with your mail address and I will mail the mothers day basket off to you.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

What's New in My Soap Etsy Shop?

Rose Guest Soaps Handmade with Natural Aloe, Olive Oil,  Buttermilk Glycerin Soap

Luxurious Bar of  Natural Olive oil, Aloe, Buttermilk Natural Glycerin Frond Soap

Goat  Milk  Shea Butter Handmade Soap-Fairy in the Flowers 2

  The first two photos are of soap I just made and listed in my shop. I tried a new soap base too all natural glycerin aloe vera and olive oil which gives the soap a light green color, and I added with it the baby buttermilk soap base which I really love. The baby buttermilk glycerin natural soap base includes buttermilk, honey, calendula extract, and oatmeal. I added in a little kaolin clay and for fragrance oil I used oatmeal-honey-milk. This is really a very creamy luxurious soap.

   I made a 5 rose guest soap set which is nice for little gifts, or gift favors for showers, bridal party, or birthdays. The frond bar soap is a little smaller than the larger bars so easy to hold for the youngsters or the elderly.

  The last soap I brought back, one of my favorite molds. These soaps all come with custom options for your choice of all natural soap base and also your custom option for fragrances.

and speaking of soap if you have not already signed up for my Mother's Day Gift Basket please do. The basket is filled with my hand made soaps, goat milk body moisturizer, and my friend Rita's lovely spring knitted wash cloths, mini's and soap bag. The last day to enter is this coming Tuesday. I will draw a name that evening. International is welcome, be sure I can get a hold of you if you are the winner. Gift basket has a retail value of $49.95
 photo HPIM7994.jpg

Friday, May 3, 2013

Brrrr Cold Rain and Chilly This Morning--& Upcycled Eco Garments

  Last night one of those nights with not much sleep. Read allot of blogs, and then read my civil war diary book. It rained alllll night and periods of sleet thrown in. No snow here but parts of Missouri got 4" of snow, lots of car accidents during rush hour in Springfield, Mo do to the icy roads. They could get snow today-definately a record breaker in the weather books this week.
   I had brought up all of my potted plants so they be under the overhang and covered them up too as we would be right at freezing. Took the covers off and they look safe and alive. I guess by Wednesday we will be back to "normal" in the 70s Just in time for Mother's Day looks like.
   I think I will make this into a soap making day-got in a small tray of a new soap base-all natural glycerin with aloe and olive oil. Now to decide which mold I want to use for this one, and which fragrance. May attempt the soap fizzies again too. Had never tried these so took a hot bath with my fizzies that didn't turn out-very cool in the bath-fizzes up, and makes the water real soft-nice. I also threw in one of my bath teas with herbs-so that was nice and relazing-don't know why I couldn't get to sleep last night-Probably worrying about hubby-went for our 6 month check up yesterday morning and he has some new health concerns-hoping to hear back from the doctor today.
  I also browsed on Etsy for awhile too-whenever I need inspiration for my crafts, or need supplies-I really love Etsy. So many excellent finds there, including vintage too. I ran into an Etsy store that upcycles clothing into very comfy looking dresses, etc, and purses. I may need to make me one. They are chic but I think they are country too. From a magazine I had purchased that had the silk on silk dye project-they featured many designers making upcycled garments-so this must be a fashion trend-living in the woods so not up on these things-lol  here is the shop I really liked    Love her dresses and she makes big tops like this too  If you do a general search for eco upcycled garments there is allot there for purchasing.
Some that I liked from the link I shared:
xlarge / xxlarge - upcycled clothing - Summer Dress Funky Day Dress / Eco Dress / Tattered Artsy Dress / Upcycled Clothing
small - medium / Upcycled clothing / Funky Denim Jumper Tunic / Shirt / Eco Dress / Denim Artsy Dress by CreoleSha
   Any of you getting cold rain, sleet, or snow this May??  have a great weekend

Reminder-please sign up for my Mother's Day Giveaway-a pretty basket filled with handmade soaps and bath items-previous post


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