Monday, April 1, 2013

Thyme for Herbs

Good morning, and today is April now too, so surely spring is with us to stay.

 It has been so lovely here in the woods this past week-the pond up by the house is now alive with music just as the darkness comes in for the evening. The songbirds are a constant melody in the background threw out the day-one of the reasons why I so enjoy living here-being serenaded by all of nature's tunes.

Over at my blog on Blogster (where allot of my friends since Yahoo 360 days decided to land when Multiply went under)  we decided to bring back Herb Thursdays. I really enjoyed this posting event to learn from each other about herbs. Instead of Herb Thursdays we changed the name to Thyme for Herbs, and instead of posting every week we decided to post the first Thursday of each month. I am the hostess for this event.

I decided to share my herb post here too, and if you would enjoy sharing an herb post as well, just let me know in comments on April 4th and I will set up a garden walk of our herb blogs.

Enjoy your new week! Any creative plans for the week??? Oh and the pineapple meringue pie was excellent-I will be making it again in the future.


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