Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Silk on Silk Update

 The original article I had read and went by for this project said to have rocks sit on top of the silk bundle for a minimum of 2 days. So I did this early Sunday Morning, and it's now tuesday afternoon, and since I had good color transfer right away, decided to just open this up, let air dry the rest of the way, and then it says to wait several days before rinsing in vinegar water. I usually use a better mordant to set color than to rely on vinegar, but when doing this the first time-decided to  follow the instructions.  So I don't know how colorfast this will be. 

   I think this piece would sew up nice into some pretty little mini bags. I definately want to find a large silk shirt to do this with again so I can wear it this summer.

   This was an experiment to see how this would work, and I have to say I am quite pleased. I will definately be on the look out for more silk ties with pretty flowers on them-as they showed up really nice. The blotches of dark are from the lining-that I figured must be silk (and wanted to know for sure) as well since the tie was labeled 100% silk. The blotches of brown are scattered yellow onion skins-and I like that effect, and may try that with mimosa leaves or even marigolds flowers to see if I get a pretty yellow.

  The instructions said to first fold verticle about 5 1/2" but I did real small like 2 inches since I had a smaller piece of fabric, and then fold the other direction accordian style and tie.

I can see allot of possibilities for this, and since these were all pieces from the resale shop-very little money involved-to have fun-lol


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