Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Silk on Silk Dye Project-No Peeking

This morning I couldn't wait so I did have to try this. In my reclaimed silk stash I found an off white-beige blouse back that I had taken apart from a silk garmet I picked up at the resale shop some time ago.
  I got so involved in setting this up that I forgot to take photos of the process. The original article I went by showed that the artist had found a very large sheer silk blouse that she dyed with this process along with a few plum leaves added. She also said you could throw some natural dye stuff in the vinegar water too. 
  Thinking I don't have anything in plant material I can use at the moment-but then yes I do; I have onion skins. I also had some mimosa leaves too but decided on the onion skins. 
  So I soaked the silk piece in vinegar water for about a half an hour. then lay it out and add pieces of the silk ties all over this, I added in some crushed onion skins too. then you fold it up one way and then fold it up acordian style the other way and tie it.
  Goes back in the vinegar water to boil for a couple hours. I decided to throw in some onion skins to get a little more color.
   Then you leave your silk wrap in the water til it cools down-several hours. Drain off the liquid mix and then weight your bundle down with rocks for a few days.  That's where I am at now I just used the same pan that I dyed it in. I am hoping the onion skins don't turn out too dark-but the inside should not get allot of the dye from them.

So on the bottom there you can see my little silk bundle. Now it is no peeking for a few days.  (I did try to peek a little though lol- without disturbing the bundle-and I saw some blue-so can't wait to unwrap this)


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