Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mother Nature Please Turn off the Water Faucet & Handmade Jewelry

  Mother Nature is still filling up our drought stricken area (over 2 years of very little rain) which is definately over flowing now. We will be having lots of flooding in the area for sure. As it is still raining here.
  My neighbor friend and I did venture out to the plant sale-I didn't find anything I liked all that much at the sale so we went on to our Lowes store-which usually has nice plants.(My friend though bought lots of $4.98 hanging plants at the sale)  
The garden centers here have their hands full with all this rain, high winds, and just above freezing temps at night-so allot of the plants don't look so well.
   Lowes did end up having the nicest flowers, still no veggie or herb plants worth purchasing-they just all got beaten up too much. But in their markdown area I found two huge ivy leaf geranium hanging pots for 4.99 each that looked really nice. I also purchased a few dark purple pansys-mostly for their dye as these are annuals, and several petunias also in deep purples-for their dyes and for the hummingbirds.
Hand dyeing in the summer-is always so much fun-as I can "play" outdoors. I also bought a few flower seeds-purple zinnias-which was new to me, white moon flowes, and delphiniums which I haven't been able to find in plants.
  While reading threw some blogs when I got back; I came across one that I follow with lots and lots of links to a "hop" they had. Partners were chosen to swap beads etc, and then each person was to design several jewlery items from their "soup" of beads-necklace, bracelet, ear rings. This blog link is to the artist I bought that handmade ceramic sunflower piece from-for my friends on Multiply that may remember that   If you enjoy being inspired by this kind of creativity here is the link   There must be close to 100 links to participates, I will definately be browsing threw some of the posts.
   I am off to check on my split pea soup with ham, decided since it's cool here too again, and raining still-a good thing to have for supper tonight.


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