Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Just Awesome! Gluten Free Fudgy Brownies from Karina

  When I read this recipe from Karina's Gluten Free Goddess blog this week, I knew I just had to make these.

  I finished up my soap this morning, and since it's still so gloomy, dreary, and just not nice out today (we have a huge t storm coming in tonight) I decided to bake for a pick me up. These fudgy brownies in cupcake form-were first. I knew these were going to be very rich tasting with lots of chocolate goodness, so decided to bake them in these pretty flower cupcake liners-they deserved it.
     Of course I had to taste test one while still warm-lol Just awesome!!

   I rarely change any of the ingredients either in her recipes, as they are already healthy and I usually have the ingredients. I did use german chocolate instead of the semi sweet chocolate which I did not have on hand. For the chocolate chips I now mostly use dark chips from Ghiardelli. I used the suggested coconut oil, and I did need to cut the sugar a bit for hubby, so in this I used Domino's lite sugar which is natural sugar and stevia which I really like for baking.

    I have never made anything from Karina's site that I did not like. If you need a good gluten free site with recipes and information I highly recommend her. She also shares dairy free and vegan recipes too.

Next up was to try a new gluten free sandwich bread. I don't eat allot of bread, never have, but sometimes it's nice to have a little bread once in awhile. I pretty much gave up bread when I figured out I had celiac, (15 years or so ago) cause back then-well not much information about baking then and it was too complicated at the time. Now adays there is so much good information and also many bread and flour mixes.

I don't like to use prepared mixes though, never have, and especially for gluten free because the flours used have absolutely no nutritional value; mostly use white rice flour, and several starches. So I have been on the hunt for a recipe that sounded good and think I would like.

Reading threw several gluten free blogs this week, I ran into a sandwich bread recipe that looked really good. So that is now all mixed up and in the pan rising a bit before baking. Will update you on how it turned out.

hmmmmm perhaps another fudgy brownie with cold soy milk is in order  lol 



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