Friday, April 12, 2013

I am Back --Sort Of

  Just wanted to pop in real quick for an update. We had a major electrical storm a couple days ago. We got hubby's computer fixed with new parts yesterday and-he is online more than me with his business, but my computer is fried-toast. and its hard for me to get to his computer for any length of time for me.

  we have a very old lap top that a friend gave us a year or so ago when they upgraded, so hubby will be working to see if he can get that programed and working for me to use. as I have no dollars at the moment to buy me a new computer-hint hint-go tell your friends to buy lots of soap and fiber in my etsy shops so I can buy a new one-lol just kidding lol

so needless to say for a while at least I won't be able to visit your blogs and comment, but do know that I miss you all already.

I will still be having our very nice mothers day giveaway so please stay tuned that for. will posting for that end of April or very first of May.


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