Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hi Everyone & Photos

Seems like a long week already and it's only Tuesday-lol  usually the days just fly by for me.

We are still having severe tstorms pop up, and suppose to be more really strong storms coming in wednesday night. Since the serge protectors did not protect our computers-we are now shutting down and then unplugging from the wall. The little lap tap has it's limitations-can't hook up my printer to it, and lost my favorite photo program for cropping and resizing for my blogs and my etsy shops-so that is a hassle for me right now. However, my neighbor friend just gave me her old computer, as she recently upgraded both her computers-so that is a blessing, perhaps in a couple days I can set up in that.

One thing I can not figure out how to do on the little lap tap is to highlight text so I can enlarge the fonts or set up a link to something-so that has me frustrated as well-sigh I know these are minor inconveniences in the skeem of things-but this getting my computer fried has upset my little world-ah well I will get over it

I was out in my little garden for a short while on saturday doing some spading, and some raking of oak leaves. Did not feel any soreness at the time but sunday morning woke to major lower back pain. My lower back likes to go out on me and give me much pain if I over do. I didn't think an hour was over doing-lol  but I am still in much pain from that-so that has me less tolerant probably.

I did finish my crazy quilt block that I had made from wools and velvets into a pillow-so was pleased about that. I did a little hand quilting with wool threads to give the cotton mimosa dyed fabric a little body. I will try to post a better photo later on. I added porcelein and shell beads to the corners  So happy to get this piece finished. Now once my  back is better on to finishing up the weaving project and my rug hooked project

 photo e4afdfa0-e886-499f-9276-444a2698e786.jpg

Here a couple photos of the trees -these were oaks-that got hit by the lightening strike-the power traveled threw the ground 150 feet to attack our computers-this was quite a strike-so thankful it did not hit our house-or we would have been fried instead

 photo a9f7b4ed-ee73-4eb5-b266-d1fc398a40ca.jpg

 photo 4a986c97-e897-4118-93fc-123874961ad5.jpg

In this second photo-you can see the tree in the back still standing with no bark has been split in half lengthwise-debris from the tree flew in all directions. The guys are saying that mother nature cut and split some firewood for us-


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