Monday, April 8, 2013

Good Morning Monday

Good morning everyone. 
The sun is a shining this morning and looks to be a pretty day. Unlike last night where we had a severe storm come threw-right when I was enjoying country music at the rewards show. So I needed to shut down all the electronics. We do have a small tv that was a gift from the company when I retired, that we watch during the storms-so I was able to catch most of it. I always enjoy this show cause unlike other reward shows-there is lots of music with a few rewards thrown in.
  The storm lasted several hours with lots of rain and lots of thunder and lightening. It is always so erie when the lightening lights up the whole yard. We'll take the rain though, cause mid summer we will wish we had some rain. Storms always bring me back to thinking about our Nikita-she was soooo afraid of storms and would pace up and back, stay by my side for a bit and then pace more. I had taught her to go into the bathroom where there are no windows, and when the storms were really bad like last night she would go in there and lie down-now she is safe and above the storms.
  Hubby had a fun time at the gun show in Tulsa. He was looking for scopes to resell and for scope parts to fix scopes for his customers. I was concerned about all the walking for him (severe arthritis) but he said they managed to get threw 3/4's of the show. he did get to meet up with a couple of his customers too. Always good to get away from home and do something different for a change of pace. So a fun weekend for the both of us.
  When we used to visit local shows, I would always head for the old long black powder rifles and powder horns and one vendor back then always had native american pieces. So I asked him if there was anything like that in this show. He said yes there was and there was a booth that was making navtive american clothing the "old" way which I would have enjoyed viewing. I always wanted to learn how to embelish with porcupine quils.
  This morning, I think I will be making soap for us, and perhaps some bath fizzies-which I have never made before. I may just take a look-see at my silk dye bundle too-to see if I got any transfer of dyes from the ties-I am not one to be able to wait very well. lol
   I roasted an organic chicken in the crock pot yesterday, and after supper last night I cooked the bones down into a beautiful broth. So I am going to finish that up today too-make some chicken noodle soup perhaps.
     Happy Monday and enjoy your new week!


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