Saturday, April 6, 2013

Busy-Fun Day Yesterday-Long Post

  Yesterday was our day to go to Stover, Mo and attend a fun Quilt Vendor show. Shops from all over Missouri set up booths with their wares. This is a fun day for my friend and I, cause of where we live we don't have close choices of quilt shops. Quilting with wool is very popular now, so always fun to see the new ideas. This year our favorite shop for this did not attend but there were several others.
   What was dissappointing though this year;  one booth always has fat quarters (a popular size of fabric for quilters) for a dollar or last year $1.25 which is really the only vendor that has a nice sale going.  This year she jumped it to the close to regular price of $2.00 each-but did give 2 free when buying in lots of 10 So needless to say, her booth was no longer crowded with buyers. What is a savings though is to look for batiks as they are usually selling much higher in the stores. So I helped my friend look for 12 pieces that she could use in an upcoming project.
  We both collect buttons, and I did find a few little ceramic ones to add to my crazy quilt blocks. My big purchase-and I rarely buy much here, was burlap for my rug hooking. I think this was something the vendor may have had-leftover-so it was priced to sell. I picked up a piece with the pattern stamped on it-which will make a perfect piece in front of the hearth area for the wood stove in the living room. This is something I have had in mind to look for-so was pleased to find this. She also had 3 yards of plain rug hooking burlap so I picked that piece up too. My mom always hooked on quality burlap back in the 60s, today many hook on belgian linen-but this is quite expensive-and I am not that good at it to warrant the price. I hook for fun and to hopefully complete a couple rugs we can use.
  I have also been looking for a mechanical fine chalk pencil made by Bohn in France that my friend loves. We have not been able to find one for me but on the way out my friend spotted one-yeah. So I also picked up a second color of chalk too. This is really nice for marking hand quilt lines or applique placements-and it stays in place til you wipe off with a damp cloth. The best thing is-it has a very fine point. 
  My friend came away with a large bag of quilt items and goodies too, so we both spent more than we normally do at this event, but we were both very pleased with our finds. Next up was lunch, and then on the way back home to visit a few resale shops that we've discovered in the past and are too far a drive to regularly visit. 
  My new recycle into something new item I was on the look out for was silk ties. I just read an article on how to transfer the dyed pattern on a tie over on to a piece of silk. The article I read did this on a shear large blouse, or could be done for a scarf or perhaps a light poncho. So of course after reading the article and being into hand dye-gotta try this-lol  In the several shops we visited I came away with several silk ties from .40 a piece to a dollar. so a fun project coming up. After taking the ties apart there is actually enough wide pieces to add to a crazy quilt project as well.
  At another shop, which my friend had just discovered, and was new to me I found some nice items. It is really difficult to find in  fabric a beautiful yellow, and I found two. They were both xxl long sleeve mens shirts; one in 100% cotton by tommy hilfiger, and the other one in 100% linen. My friend and I will split the linen-she'll take the large back for hand embroidery, and I will take the rest of it to add to quilt projects etc.
  I also picked up lots of white or almost white wool embroidery threads for a quarter a skein-these I can also hand dye as well. Found a package with two sizes of scroll frames for hand work for $1.50, found a pretty heart basket with no handle to use for my Mother's Day Giveaway coming up next month, and I picked up a couple books. One was a unique book about the mountain man written in song form, and a couple cookbooks. One was a beautiful little book full of color photos and good looking recipes of the Pueblo and Navajo. This book had several venison recipes, and most looked like recipes I would make-so a good find.
    I also picked up a beautiful chocolate brown long skirt in wool-to felt up and use in my rugs or appliques, and a brand new gorgeous flowing silk pair of pants for a couple dollars. The tags were still on this item and sold for $135.00. This piece was way too long for me so I may just rehem them and wear around the house, or I may cut up and use in my projects.
    One last item that pleased me was my friend spotted a salad spinner that looked brand new for $4.00  I have been wanting one of these forever it seems, and I refuse to pay the $35.00 to $40.00 price tag on a new one. and ones we have found before used are going for $10.00 to $12.00 so am happy with this too.
  So wow, lots of new fun items for my creativity interests, and many more new things in one day than I usually bring home.

Was hoping to spend the day outdoors today, spraying weeds, and picking up some things, but sigh it is cloudy again and very windy already. So, I am just going to enjoy going threw my new stash and taking them apart to wash and get ready to use.
   Hubby is having an adventure this weekend too. He had the chance to go to the huge gun show in Tulsa this weekend. One of his customers flew his plane down to pick him up and go on to Tulsa. With allot of severe weather in the works on Sunday he decided to just fly in to where we are, and he rented a car to drive into Tulsa. Larry being a pilot who used to own his own planes too back in his younger days-was looking forward to the ride-but I am sure they will still have a great time. He hopes to meet up with many of his customers who will also be at the show. Larry was trained in his younger days to repair scopes-which he has started back doing again. He meets people from all over the world-so a great outlet for him to meet new people.
Sorry for the long post Happy Saturday!!


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