Thursday, April 25, 2013

Busy Day Yesterday-In the Big City

 Yesterday I rode along with my neighbor friend to the "big city" of Springfield, Mo. Its a little over an hour away and is highway driving.
   She had an appointment with her allergist, and also needed to drop off things for her grandkids. I never was one that enjoyed being around lots of people, and I hadn't been in a large medical setting for many years now. Living in the woods where it is peaceful and quiet with the wildlife instead of the hussle and bussle of a city setting-really showed up yesterday. 
   Where we had to go for her appointment,  was in this huge room, full of people and little kids running around and talking. There was a sectioned off area for the kids to play in, but not all were there. lol So needless to say I was overwhelmed by all the chatter.Lots of adult chatter too-phones going off etc. When my friend went in to see her doctor I walked out of this area and into the huge open hallway-sitting area-with a view-and quiet lol  So there I sat for an hour reading my book -the diary of confereate girl living during the civil war. Nice-and it was quiet.
  No I am not really a hermit-or maybe I am-have always been a country girl and am definately more so now I guess.
  When we go into Springfield we make a day of it, have lunch, check out craft and fabric stores, and food shop at Sams Club and Mama Jeans-the really nice health food store there.
  We started going into Hobby Lobby-I love that store. I have been checking out their beads for my crazy quilt projects and this time one entire line was 50% off. Needless to say we ended up shopping in there for about 2 hours. I came away with some really nice glass beads and beads made from shells. They have such a huge collection of the glass beads-so much fun to decide which to bring home with me. Of course I spent a little more in there than I had planned to-so I just did not pick up much at Joanns-just another string of shell beads that I had a 50% coupon for.
  I want to make a crazy quilt block with an ocean scene, so I found several wonderful beads and charms for that now.
   I had heard on the news this past winter that the Mama Jeans health food store was doing so well that they would be building a 3rd store. This is a wonderful store as they sell many items in bulk-which really brings down the prices. Great for me since I need to buy expensive ingredients to make up my gluten free flour blend. Our last stop is always Sams Club and as we were approaching that store-there sits this very large new store in construction-its the Mama Jeans store. How cool! Looks like they have built this big enough to hold a warehouse in the back of the store. So I was excited about this.
  If the time ever comes when we can buy new transportation it will be easy to find my two food stores. As these are just off the expressway and now will be close together. I am one of those people that always gets lost if driving alone-lol
   My neighbor friend has her home up for sale-so one of these days she will just be gone, and be moved to Springfield. So I am so thankful that now I have a way to get to places like this.
   So anyways we didn't get back home til around 7:30 pm  Got things in the frig and in the freezer by 8pm  A good productive fun day yesterday.
  And cool temps but full sunshine and no wind yesterday-so that was wonderful  Today looks to be the same. I need to work on business stuff this morning and then hope to work on my little garden space this afternoon. Have allot of grass to get out of there.
  I was working out there the other day-and I think I got myself into some poison ivy. I was pulling up roots out of the soil, that dawned on me later could have been poison ivy. I was wearing gloves so I left those outdoors til I get them in the wash. Yesterday afternoon I started getting a patch on my cheek that definately looks and feels like poison ivy-hopefully no more patches will show up.
    Have an awesome day everyone


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