Saturday, March 2, 2013

What a Difference a Little Sunshine Makes & Opinions Please on New Soap

  Happy Dancing here-as we finally got some sunshine in the ozarks. Still pretty cold, but a little sun will begin the melting process. Tomorrow we will be in the 50's so a definate melting of the ice and snow.

  It has been pretty comical here with the group of 4 deer that come visit us every day. They visit the corn not us-lol  The last couple of days they have been obnoxious staying here all afternoon eating everything they can. Last night we tried to shoo them off the food, I even walked out and got them to go into the woods and down a holler-well by the time I walked back to the house, took my coat and boots off-there they were again outside my bay window-they came back in another direction-pretty hysterical actually lol

  So tonight I am not going to put food out, once the ice melts off the fields they won't be able to eat up all the food so easily.

  I am still making soap. Would like your opinion of the colors. Sometimes I try to "paint" with soap to highlight the designs, and sometimes I am just not sure of the colors-don't know for sure how it will end up til the bar of soap gets un molded. Can be a pleasing surprise or not so.

  I made another set of the little birds and added fragrance which I really like-a bit of lemongrass and sage and flowering herbs fragrance oils. Today I  made up the buttterfly using different types of colors that I have not tried out yet. Definately bold-so may need to tone it down a bit. This one I used lavender fields and flowering herbs-where a butterfly might land.  So please give me your honest opinions. Now that I see them here in the photos I do like my butterfly.



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