Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday Doings & Turkeys

  Yesterday I went to town with my neighbor friend and we just about got blown away every time we stepped back outdoors. and very very cold as well-a bitter cold. Thankful though that all the heavy bands of snow was north and east of us. We have friends in chicago and Indiananpolis that were to get a foot of snow.

   I tried out my friend's hair dresser yesterday too. I wear my hair long and just trim the ends, my hair is really really fine too so it needs trimmed more times per year than I have it done. My friend usually asks me when she goes into town if I need anything and want to go along,  so I thought it would be easier to try hers since I am tagging along anyways. I was very happy with my hair trim and will use her again. She is someone that does not just zip threw and trim the ends but takes her time and is proud of her work-I love that with any profession or job-that the person takes it seriously and does it to the best they can.

  For some reason I could not sleep well last night, could have been from the high winds still howling around the house. So I got up at 1 am made a fire in the wood stove in the front room and decided to read awhile. I found a new magazine yesterday that I had not seen before. It was called Living Without and is for celiac disease (gluten problem) non dairy, and no white sugars. It had some really interesting recipes for bread making with avocados and a couple articles peaked my interest too. I read the two articles this morning and the one-wow put all my little health problems-concerning digestion, in perspective since my early 20s. Everything I encountered was just a piece of the puzzle for diagnosing celiac-which was not considered back then, and in the end I had diagnosed myself-20 years ago or more now. So I think I will buy a subscription for this for a year. Always looking for new ideas for recipes-especially breads which I have not mastered well yet for gluten free.

 I read til 4 am and then got woken up at 7 am from a phone call this morning. So I made me a cup of hot tea and had the last piece of my cherry pie-and looking out the window the jake turkeys were here. and for the first time this group ventured up near the house.

 Two large crows had flown in up near the house, and I could see the thought process of one of the turkeys-mmmm there must be food up there too-so he ventured up near the crows and the rest eventually followed. It is very overcast, which means I usually can not get a clear photo from indoors looking out the window-but I did manage to get a couple that you can see the turkeys. (just click on the photos to make larger)

I also worked up another butterfly soap, and I really like this one.  I need to finish packaging these and I have an order for my animal critters soaps-those make me laugh when they come out of the molds.  So time to get my day going-what are you all doing today?


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