Thursday, March 21, 2013

Those of you on Pinterest

 I went on Pinterest this morning to look for some edible flower recipes. When I logged in-up popped click here for the new Pinterest.
I do like the new look, and it loads faster now too-but when I want to pin something-I go back to where it came from so I can look at the recipe to see if I want it, and if it is to make something I want to see if it is something I want to make. I also like to go back to the source cause allot of times there is nothing there but a photo.
Now, unless I am missing something, you can not go back to the source of the pin. what happens is; when you try to go back it just takes you to boards where others have pinned that pin.
this is useless to me then if I can not get to the recipe or whatever.
am I missing something?  how do I get to the source? have you tried out the new pinterest??


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