Sunday, March 10, 2013

Still Baking and a Surprise in the Back of the House

 It rained most of the night, and continued raining til about noon-Yeh!!  we so need the rain here.

I decided to make up some more batches of cookies, using the recipe I posted in my last blog. I will be freezing most of the cookies I make up today.
     I made up another batch of dark chocolate chips with slivered almonds, the next batch I made the choc. chip again and added in a big handful of gluten free oat flakes. I now am ready to bake up my last batch using gluten free oat flakes, raisins, and the slivered almonds, along with Missouri sorghum for some of the sugar.

When we first moved here upon retirement about 10 years ago (will be 10 years this coming September) one of the neighbors gave me a beautiful red amaryllis bulb. The following year I bought myself a pink one. In the fall I bring them in the house in their pots so they will not freeze on me, and put them in the back of the house in a dark cool area to hibernate and rest all winter. I keep an eye on them come March and when I see growth I water them super well in the sink, let drain, and then bring up by the patio doors to enjoy the blooms. Sometimes we are blessed with two stalks of blooms from the same bulb. About 3 years ago there were so many baby bulbs from these in the pot that I needed to break apart and re pot in their own pots-I gave away most of those. I have just a couple of the baby bulbs now.

Surprise!  I had forgotton about these, and then the other day I noticed these two original bulbs were sprouting up their flower stalk-so I have brought them in to the dining area. So a lovely surprise. We always enjoy these blooms-welcoming in Spring

I took this photo this morning hoping to also capture the rain coming down-but too dark to show up.


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