Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Last Show and Tell For a Bit-I Promise-lol

I am always amazed when I first try to work up colors etc on my soaps it takes me pretty much the whole day-I have over 8 hours in these two sets of soaps which seems crazy.
The flowers in the watering can took the longest-and for some reason when they got unmolded I lost allot of the color of the watering can on two of them, and the brown migrated up into the flowers a bit too-They are still pretty soap but was dissappointed. Need to prpbably pour a thicker layer of soap next time if possible-need to experiment. They smell awesome though-I mixed hydrangea and jasmine for a nice floral these are shea butter
On the calla lilies I checked photos for ideas and most showed a black background. So I thought ok I will try it. allot of the black mixed in with silvery white but I think they came out stunning. this one has calyx for fragrance-I like it, and is also in shea butter

Well, I did get my new soap base in today-the buttermilk-oatmeal-calendula-honey-sounds nice, was designed for babies. My kit for making the nest egg fizzies were back ordered though. 

As always input appreciated. do you have another color suggestion for the lilies?


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