Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gloomy-Cold-Raining & Weaving

It's cold and gloomy here-again-lol and raining all day so far too.  I am goiing to need to break down and get some heat in the house with building a fire soon.
My friends from Multiply may remember this project (also check my labels for weaving for more on this)
When I started my soap business, this project stopped. Decided this weekend a good time to get back weaving this off. I have 3 towels woven now and am on the 4th If you remember I had allot of trouble with this warp, so instead of throwing away all this yarn I managed to get it untangled and onto the loom. I will be thrilled to get the 4 towels out it, and anything after will be a plus-so will see how it goes. There is enough warp for another 3 or 4 towels.  I have had a couple broken threads already, so just seeing how the warp behaves.
These can be kitchen towels or bathroom hand towels. Each towel has a different color weft so they will all match but be a little different. I am using an old Viking era weaving draft for this project.

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