Monday, March 25, 2013

Good Morning Monday

Brrrr one would think today is the middle of January cause we are in the 20s with wind, and still slightly snowing. The house is quite chilly today as well. So as a result I am slow moving this morning and not getting things finished up that I need to.
Still no sunshine here, perhaps a little tomorrow, so can't take good photos of soaps to put in my shop so that will come later.
I brought all of the drawers inside up near one of the woodstoves to wipe down well for Larrys new cabinet-so I am about to get back into that-have about 60 more drawers to clean.
I also just finished up taking the Art Sunday Tour hosted by our Nemo. What a very diverse tour of art-really enjoyed it. I got threw all the posts, and tried to comment on most-if I did not comment on yours I did read and enjoy, Thanks to all that participated, as I really enjoy viewing and learning about the different art that was selected. Happy for all the participation too-kinda like it used to be back on 360 days.
Here is hoping no one has lost their electric during this storm This was a crazy storm as it started out with high winds and rains and then turned into snow with more winds. Ours melted down yesterday, but now its all nice underneath-so we are not attempting the drive out of our long bumpy, hilly, and curvy driveway to the post office today.
I took out beans and ham that were in the freezer and those are now in the crock pot. Last night I took a cooked venison loin and shredded it with onions and peppercini peppers-excellent-put mine over a bake potato with cheese, and made Larry's into a sandwich with a toasted whole grain bun, cheese and the meat-so we can have that with our beans and ham for supper. So don't need to do much cooking today.
There has not been much of interest for me on tv to watch lately-but tonight I am looking forward to The Voice  which is my favorite reality show, and Revolution is coming back too-that show kinda "grew" on me last year.
On another note I am still very unhappy with the new changes of Pinterest. I wrote them about it, so am hoping to hear from them  The way it is set up now with their new look-changed all the pins I had and the new pinning. all you get now is the photo-it no longer takes you to the source where the recipe, quilt pattern is or whatever you pinned. I even tested it out on my etsy board-pinned one of my items-and it would not take me to my item-rather all of etsy--so this is useless to me now. will give them time to see if this is a glitch or if this is their new pinterest. 
Stay warm and safe everyone! I am thinking today is a perfect day for some homemade hot chocolate.


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