Monday, March 4, 2013

Couldn't Post Again & Drip Irrigation for Container Gardening

  Don't know if it is my computer-which has allot of age on it-or the site here but I could go around and visit other's blogs and comment, but I could not go to design, or post a blog. Last time this happened a few days later my blog disappeared so hoping that does not occur again-so if I disappear again that's what is happening.
   Lots of sunshine today, in the 50s, and no wind-so a pretty nice day. This morning I made another butterfly set; I like these too, and made soap for us.
  Made a nice supper, and we enjoyed out cherry pies. Larry and his friend went to Bennett Springs State Park for trout fishing early this morning. A much warmer morning so they could go. On opening day March 1st it was in the 20s-so they for a warmer morning. The catch limit is 4 a day and they each caught their limit, so we will be having trout for supper tomorrow-love that-fresh caught fish.
   I got the catalog Gardens Alive today, and in it they are giving out a coupon for $25.00 off anything you buy. I found a drip irrigation system for container gardening which I am going to look into. We have been having extreme hot temperatures during the last few summers here with little rain, so I think this might be a good idea.
   Drip Irrigation Kit for Container Plants more here

Has anyone tried this yet?


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