Saturday, March 16, 2013

Busy Friday and Saturday and Last Chance to Sign Up for my Giveaway

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Friday was a gorgeous day here in the ozarks; 80 degrees and no wind-soooo I was outdoors setting up my raised beds, and bringing in some larger pots to put in eggplants, sweet peppers, etc. I planted some red and yellow onions along with lots of seeds-the ones that are cold hardy-beets, carrots, kale, lettuces, etc.

those rocks are for putting on the bottom half of the house around the front

I also worked on the little mini garden area that I set up last year. It sets in front of the house between oak trees and the ponds. It needs a fence as the deer have found it already. It also needs all those weeds removed too. I brought up some old sears gates and things from the old garden. We have several big wheels like the one shown-and we will be setting that up for the fence, along with fencing behind it.

While looking around for things that I can turn into containers for gardening, I ran into this very cool stainless steel sink-I forgot about that-so I am thinking this would work out perfect when I am rinsing out hand dyes-as I do my hand dyes outdoors in the summer time. So I dragged that up to the picnic table where I usually work, and set it on an old bed frame for now-the bed frame I have used in the past for drying black walnuts. It just needs scrubbed out, and I need to measure the drains to see what size plugs I need-cool!

A few spring flowers and thyme, the daffodils are beginning to bloom as well.

 Friday evening after working all day I took a few photos over the ponds.

While I was working on my gardens, Larry worked at getting his cabinet home. Our friend had it and sold it to him. This will be perfect for his business. Over 100 drawers. Only problem is; this frame is sooooo sooooo heavy. He barely got it home. Next problem is finding someone to help him get it in the house and into his work space. So hoping we can do that soon, so he can get his business better set up.

  Today was the big garage sale at the local civic center in a nearby town. This is a huge event and starts the season for many garage sales from now til it's too cold to have a garage sale lol  This area loves it's garage sales and resale shops.

   My friend and I usually come away with at least a few supplies for our creative projects. It was much colder today than yesterday, and the temps dropped all day long. We ended up in the 50's.
   We did not come away with lots of items, but I did find some pretty vintage buttons, two brass stencils, several plastic stamps which I have not used before, tapestry needles from Japan-(good needles are hard to find new nowadays as most are now made in China), a pretty wooden rubber stamp on wood, and I collect vintage cookbooks too-so I picked up this Swan flour recipes for cakes booklet.

  We went to lunch and then checked out the library's book sale. I was happy to find this beautiful garden book by Tasha Tudor, and a very old weaving book.

When I got home, Larry and I were off to the annual bbq with friends. They hold this every year around this time. It was so cold by early afternoon that we were all huddled up near the fire. Good food and friends though.

Just listened to the weather report and we will be back in the 20s at night and in the 50s during the day, along with lots of rain starting tonight. Good thing yesterday I replenished the wood rack.

Wow proof reading this blog post-I was really busy the last two days-lol


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