Monday, March 18, 2013

Brrrrr it is very cold outdoors today & opinions please on bath fizzies

We got some much needed rain over the weekend. Probably about 2" which helped to fill up our two deepest ponds a little more, and we got a really good soaker of a rain which is good for the soil here and the water table. We have been in a drought for 2 years now so this was good.

Saturday when I was out in town with my friend I splurged and bought me a new movie; Life of Pi. Something about this movie I just wanted to see it. Where we live we do not go out to movies, and when the economy crashed we did too financially so I have not purchased a dvd in probably 5 or 6 years now, plus I think they charge too much money for these too.   At first I didn't think I would enjoy this movie, but by the end of the movie I was glad I watched it-very thought provoking and gorgeous photography. I haven't read if the tiger was real or not, so if the tiger was animated that was excellent. If you watched this movie what did you think? I felt it was definately worth my time, and will watch it again.

Yesterday evening I finished up with the book I was reading on the civil war On Shattered Ground. If you are interested in reading about what really happened during 1861-1865 this is an outstanding read. Everything in the book was actual writings from this time period, first hand accounts of the events. It was put together in chronological order. I really learned allot more than I knew about the war. Next up for reading is the Civil War Diaries of a Southern Woman by Sarah Morgan which will take some time to read thru, and I also will be reading a new book for me by Nicholas Sparks.

I am up to the wool threads and embroidery for my crazy quilt block I am making into a pillow, anxious to get it finished so I can start on my two 1800s quilts. It is just sticking to that project. lol

My weaving is calling to me too, as I have a couple more kitchen towels to get woven off, since this will be a cold dreary week a good  time to work on that too.

Today it is really chilly outdoors, I just came in from feeding the wild birds and critters, and bringing in some firewood up to our woodstoves. So I am happy to stay indoors today-lol

and opinions please. I have never used bath fizzies and from reading threw recipes from my soap supplier-sounds like they are quite popular. I am thinking of making some for spring, and to go into the big Mother's Day Giveaway basket-so opinions please-have you bought them?, do you like them, would you buy these? I think these have a nice look to them-two bath fizzies shaped into blue eggs sitting in raffia to look like a nest.

   I think these would be perfect for spring and for a mothers day basket. Bird of Paradise is the fragrance, but I can always change that up.

So how is your Monday going??


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