Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Before the Storm-Blooms in the House & my Ozark Doings Today

I have had these amarylis bulbs for about 10 years now. I also have a red one that has not shown a bloom yet. One of these is the main bulb I purchased, and the other one is one of the baby bulbs. I also got a surprise-each pot is sending up another bloom stem-one out of the same bulb, the other from a "grandbaby" bulb-awesome!

For our StPatrick's day dinner on the 17th, I decided to make me a gluten free Irish soda bread. I added in yellow raisins, carraway seeds, and sprinkled sea salt on top before baking-turned out really delicious. You can find the recipe on Karina's gluten free goddess blog

My neighbor friend and I decided to go into town today and do a couple errands and get a few groceries. We don't usually shop at our small Aldi store, but she said the ad looked like it would have some really nice fresh produce. We did exceptionally well there, most of the produce was even grown in the USA which is a plus for me, and everything was so fresh. We each bought extra so we could blanch and freeze for later.
When we got home I brought up to the house more firewood, fed all the critters, and I put out suet cakes for the birds too-as most of the seed will be hidden once the snows come.
The weatherman is still predicting lots of wintry weather-and it will not melt soon either which is usually the case here in March. We are still in the band to get 6" to 9" of snow, looking more like springfield and south will get the foot of snow-and springfield is about an hour away from us. Once the snow stops they are not sure if we are getting more snow or ice, or rain on saturday. but they are saying on sunday and monday another snow storm. so this will be interesting to see what develops lol  Only thing I will be praying for is that trees do not come down or no electric comes down-as this is to be a very heavy snow with huge flakes, coming down an inch an hour.
We are always prepared for stuff like this, but living as we do in the woods-so much easier if we keep our electric. I am thinking positive that we will.
A couple days ago two large long furry kitties came strolling down our driveway. Many persons around here just dump their animals to survive on their own-I so dislike people like that. We watched them walk around the property and then they left. Last night we saw them again, and they came out of Larrys shop building. I am sure they could smell that we had kitties in there before. Our Miss Calico stays up by the house now inside the gated area. Larry has such a kind heart, he tells me before I leave for town this morning to get a bag of kitty food for these two new kitties-as they look like house cats and he doesn't want them to go without food-he is such a caring person.
I have been trying to catch Miss Calico asleep in her suitcase which sits on top of an old vintage trunk under the overhang of the front of our house. But she always wakes up just as I want to take a photo lol Just as I was getting ready to snap the photo she crawled out of her little "bed" she looks so content and cute up there. She is such a cutie, we have had her since moved here to Missouri-I love her eyes.
Hoping I can sleep threw the night Want to get up and if not snowing yet tomorrow early I have some last minute cleaning to do, fill big pots with water etc.  Need to remember to check the gauge on the propane gas so I know if I can do lots of baking during this wintry spell. I have lots to keep me busy-weaving, rug hooking, quilting, reading, baking etc etc lol


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