Sunday, March 10, 2013

Giveaway--Mini Pillows-- Giveaway

  A couple years ago I played with sun dyes from France, and then made a few little pillows from the fabrics. I learned allot about these dyes and had fun with them. Only sold a couple of my little pillows though, and I always really loved them. Since they are not selling I decided to share them with my readers in a giveaway.

   So if you love these little mini's too, please sign up for my giveaway. I don't believe in having you follow me just to enter for a chance to win, but rather follow me cause you would like to read my blog-so that means as long as I can contact you threw an email or your own blog you may enter. (reminder though my 100th follower will receive a little surprise)

       Allot of my readers are set to no reply so I have no way to email you that you have won-should you win. So please leave your email in your entry comment if you are a no reply, or change your settings here on Blogger so I can contact you. thanks.

  I will be choosing  two winners one for each pillow. If you have a preference please tell me which one you like the best in your entry.

These are stuffed with organic cotton batting, made with cotton muslin, dyed with sun paints, and they have a little embroidery stitching on them too. The blue one has a pretty quilt fabric on the back.

Good luck!!

This little greenish teal pillow has a stylized flower on the back-both stencils made by me

This is one side of the pillow, next photo is the back of this blue pillow

I will draw the old fashion way, by putting numbers of your comment into a hat. I will draw on StPatricks day March 17th


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