Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wild Turkeys & Doings

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 We have been back to enjoying the wild turkeys that visit us here in our woods. They are usually sometimes hard to spot as they have keen vision and hearing, but last spring when we started throwing out cracked corn back by the woods line but in view from our bay window; we have been enjoying the wild turkey.
   We have been in a drought here for 2 years now, last year especially the summer was pretty extreme with no rain for months on end but summer temps in the 100's or close to it since end of May.
    We had a large flock with 3 adult hens and all their youngsters that visited us daily once they spotted the corn. We enjoyed their antics and watching the young ones mature to adults by early fall. I learned that the turkeys seemed to be a close knit family and the youngsters would get in line once called to do so.
   Just this past week, we have been getting small flocks of young jakes with older tom turkeys, now we are mostly getting flocks of just the older toms. So I am thinking the hens must have told them about the corn-lol as this is the first; to see the older toms so close.
    The deer have been coming all threw the winter months for corn, and now they are needing to share with the turkeys. However, these tom turkeys do not want to share-but go after the deer claiming the corn for themselves. We saw one tom attack a deer by flying towards it, and hitting the side of the deer. Of course all the deer retreated to the woods-but they stayed close keeping an eye on the turkeys-and when they left, the deer came back in looking for any corn that may have been missed. This behavior was quite surprising to me.
    more information on turkeys here and also from Missouri conservation here  With the toms visiting so close I am wondering if we will be treated soon by their courtship dances for the hens.

Here is another photo from the other day, the snow is all gone now, but we are in for some cold wintry temps today.

  We are still having a difficult time with the loss of our Nikita. We were so close to her that this is going to take some time. I am thinking allot of time. I have been keeping myself busy with a project that I will share once its finished, mailed off, and received. Next up is to begin on my civil war quilt that had gotton put on hold. I needed some more chocolate browns to go with the pinks and I  found what I needed online and on sale too. So once the fabrics are all washed and pressed I can begin-I will be following along with Barbara Brackman's civil war block of the month-you can find her in my blog list.
    I am also going to get serious with my weaving in the coming months. We found the pad I need to put under my large rug loom. It needed something so as I weave the loom won't "walk" So I will be getting that loom all cleaned up, get my instructions out-so I can hang the 4 harnesses on their pulleys-and see if I can figure out the rest of it-and get to weaving.I went threw my weaving materials and found a large bath towel pattern made with cotton and linen-so with the linen I found last week-I think that may be one of my first projects.
  My readers know that I usually post every day sometimes more than once a day-but I am going threw this sad time right now, so have not written as I usually do. I am reading you though, and commenting sometimes too.
      Happy Saturday everyone! What are you all doing this weekend?  Oh and be watching for a giveway soon, perhaps a couple giveaways. I have some pillows in my etsy shop that will be coming off soon and since they have not sold decided to set up some giveaways instead-perhaps even "auction" them off here as trade material for something cool you all have made.

UPDATE:  Amanda had asked about links in my area where I live. I put a couple in comments but I see now you can not just click on them you would need to copy and paste. so here are some links that you can click on -lol

Lake in the Ozarks State Park here
Bennett Springs State Park  here
Lake in the Ozarks Sate Park  here  and Lake in the Ozarks here

We are  also not too far from (an hour or so) Ft Leonard Wood, Jefferson City, Springfield Missouri,a couple hours from Branson-the economy has not been good to us; soon after we retired everything crashed so we have been in a tight money bind. We don't travel around much do to poor transportation but I am really happy and content staying right where I am-I love it here. and I have more than enough craft and home projects to keep me quite busy lol


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