Thursday, February 7, 2013

Surprise in my Pond

I posted my photo full size so you can view the geese better. There were 6 that stopped by yesterday, and this morning we had these 4. I think they may have been swimming to the bank, cause as I tried to step a little closer they all flew off lol

Since we moved here, we have been hoping a pair of geese or wild ducks would raise a family in one of  our ponds. This pond is up near the house back by the property line that is in front of the house  and also behind a little mini garden I am trying to create This is one of the minnow ponds the guys built to use for bait when fishing on the lake.

They are a welcome site right now for me-such a stressful week, and I have good friends, and I appreciate all of your comments of support. Hugs 


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