Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday Sharing Day and Catch Up

 Please join us at Pig Tales and Quilts for Saturday Sharing Day

 This is one month I will be more than happy to have end and go into March.

   Yesterday I finished up all the hand sewing on the quilt I was making, and also the quilt has been washed and dried. It is now packed and ready to mail out to my friend's granddaughter.
     I am not on Facebook but I have a mutual friend that contacted Sea Nymph's family and after explaining about the quilt I had made, gave us the mailing address to her Granddaughter. So I finally felt a sense of completion. Time just slipped away from my friend, after being diagnosed with cancer she passed in less then 3 weeks-so sad.

   Here are a few photos of the quilt. When I had finished cutting all the quilt pieces, I called another mutual friend and asked if she would like to help sew quilt blocks, so I am hoping our quilt will give comfort to Sea's granddaughter. I added pumpkins to the border and to the 4 corners-cause Pat loved to cook and bake with pumpkin.

   Wednesday my neighbor and I spent a day in the city. I was able to find a couple more pieces of 1800's reproduction fabrics for the next 2 quilts I want to make for us. I haven't had a chance to begin Barbara Brackman's civil war bom quilt yet. I now should have all of the chocolate browns and pinks for this quilt, and I just ordered the setting block material, and some border fabric. Here is a photo of my washed fabrics ready to get pressed

Brackman's bom quilt is based on the diary by Sarah Morgan, I was also able to pick up the revised edition of this book that is more complete than the original that was released So started reading, wanted to read her diary as I made this civil war quilt.

When we were out shopping I was also happy to find the fabric I needed for the quilt pattern Primitive Paradise, also by Barbara Brackman-I shared the photo in the previous blog This fabric will be the base for all my wool appliques on the medallion square and on the surrounding square blocks. The pattern shows cotton appliques, but I am going to change those over to wool.

When we are visiting Jo ann's fabric store, I always like to browse the magazine rack. Where we live we do not have access to many magazine titles. I found this one, a little pricey, but I was glad I ended up picking it up. Lots of ideas, and had a couple hand dye projects too. Within the book, I discovered this publisher has many magazines, for aprons, recycling into new clothes etc, many subjects.

Outside my bay window.

Yesterday was the first I ventured outdoors after the ice storm. It looks like snow out there, but there is a thin layer of snow and a very very thick layer of ice. Really wild to walk on lol

There are always lots of birds out there, but when I grab the camera most fly off-lol

Happy Saturday!!

Oh and I just looked over at my followers list and I am approaching 100-how fun is that?? Whom ever is my 100th I will mail off a little surprise. Next week sometime I will also have a giveaway too


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