Monday, February 4, 2013

Rough Week

It's been a rough few days for me emotionally, and will continue for a bit. News of our Sea Nymph has me down.
Also these past few days since friday saying our goodbyes to Nikita. She stopped eating over the weekend, and she will drink water only if I put it in my hands for her to drink. Got lots of kisses too from her.
So heart breaking to lose such an amazing soul. I called the vet this morning to come out. I thought I had cried it all out last november, then she managed to get up and about, and take short walks a couple times a week. But this weekend, her body is reaching the end. We have had furry family members before, but Nikita is the hardest. We have had her since a puppy-15 years now-, she traveled with us up and back to Missouri as I got ready for retirement. She was by Larry's side when he went threw his heart attack and all the complications that came with it-Since moving down here back in the fall of 03 Nikita and I have taken walks around our woods every day. Can't stop crying about this-but this is life-

We are at the end of our year dsl promotion with tds  Horrible service for the last 9 months We barely get a meg in speed now. A few months after we had it we had an electrical storm that took out where we were getting our hook up or what ever it is. Called the techs to come out and he told us that it was so expensive to fix that tds won't replace it-so the service has gone down hill.  I called this morning to negotiate the price since the monthly fee will be more than double and we are not getting what we were promised
  We went on up the line in supervisors-and bottom line is they don't care take it or leave it. We even found on their online site where they are offering the same service now for half the money-so I at least wanted that price-nope can't do it period. was quite stunned at their attitude. the only draw back in living rural is things like internet or tv service you have very few choices for service. and these companies know that and most don't care.
  So I called hughes net back-we had them for 8 years or so and they had a satelite go out, we had had really bad customer service from them, and they did not keep us informed as to what was happening. and it was very expensive. so I had heard that they had upgraded their internet to much better speeds during the last few months. So after talking with the sales lady for over a half an hour we signed up. The price will be the same as what dsl will be when it goes up and we will have much faster speed.
  we don't have to be super fast like city folk get, I just want the internet to work-lol  Not looking forward to our email change again though-we both just had new business cards made, and I always seem to lose my address book when this happens. They are coming wednesday morning so will tackle all that then.
so this is a very stressful day I think I will go make me a cup of hot chocolate with peppermint marshmallows before I tackle bringing in the wood for the week


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