Sunday, February 10, 2013

Question-How do you reply to your blog comments here

 Hi everyone,One of the things that I am still not used to here on blogger, is that there is no subscribe feature like our old 360 had, multiply had, and blogster does have. 

In those sites we had a little inbox on the blog site or in blogster we can subscribe to someone-and then we are notified when someone comments on our blog post, and also when someone replys to the comment. This feature is a big plus in communicating with our friends and contacts.

I began by replying like I always did on my  blog post, but got to thinking if that person that commented did not return to my post then they would not know if I replied or not. and if you are like me and browse and comment threw several friends pages it is then hard to get back to those same posts that we commented on.

So I started instead replying to comments threw my personal email. I have my settings set for comments on my blog posts to go to my personal email-easier way for me to keep track of my comments.  I just had a friend ask me how she would know if I commented back to her comment on my page. and I said I have been replying to you from my personal email--well she is not getting any of those replys.

So I am thinking if one does not list an email in their settings here on blogger than this method of replying will not work. is that how it is set up?

Hope this all makes sense lol  your input welcome on this, how do you keep track of your comments and replys?? thanks 


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