Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Outside My Bay Window This Morning

We woke up this morning to just enough snow to make the woods beautiful. The sun will melt this all off by this afternoon.

Went to make me a cup of hot tea, when I glanced outside our bay window that is in our living room-saw that our wildlife entertainment had arrived-so grabbed my camera

For my new readers; our drought last year continued from the year before, so there was no wild fruits in the woods. We decided to start feeding cracked corn when we noticed a large flock of young turkeys with their moms roaming our area. Once they found the corn, they blessed us with their presence most every day. They stopped visiting mid November of last year. 

We have been seeing small groups of jakes and tom turkeys a couple weeks ago visiting the back area between our row of tall pines and the woods. This group is an older group of toms.

We even had a few deer visit this morning too. Haven't checked the front of the house yet where we have a couple of ponds-to see if the Canadian geese pair returned.

We have our new internet now-went back to Hughes satelite and their new Gen4 system. Seems to be working pretty good so far. We are having some problems both with our internet and our satelite tv service-due to this really heavy snow that must have fell on the dishes-that does not happen all that much. But what is funny I was watching the Westminister Dog Show and all our statelite stuff went out last night right at the end of the working group. Today they showing this again-and it just all went out again at the same spot lol so I guess I am going to miss the end of the dog show.

Hubby is working on setting up our emails-and then quite a task to change allot of things over to the new one. But I am so glad we did not put up with poor service and high prices from TDS phone company's DSL.

 I called them yesterday to tell them after our promotional contract ends this month I wanted to cancel and not renew. Of course she asked why and when I explained what happened that where our signal was coming from had been hit in a lightening storm 9 months ago, and that when the tech came out to check out our system--he informed us what had happened and that your company TDS said it was too expensive to repair. I could  not believe what she told me-she says you must understand that in order for companies like ours to stay in business they must know when to cut their losses. I said what about your obligation, commitment to your customers?? Especially since your company refuses to adjust the high price when we were barely getting 1 meg of speed. She did not waiver on her argument. I was quite surprised by this coming from a phone company that has a monopoly in my rural area. I have no other choice for my local phone except for TDS. Pretty sad I thought.

Well all that is behind us now-hopefully no more big problems. I am off to work on my project that I will reveal when it is completed

Have an awesome day!


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