Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Loss of a Friend

 It is always so sad to lose a friend.
I had a feeling she was gone over the weekend while I worked on her quilt, but another blog friend that is on fb said it was just posted there this morning; about the loss of our dear friend.
Pat (our Sea Nymph) was one of my very first blogging friends over on 360. I had recently retired, learned about blogging and found 360. Pat helped me with all the tech stuff I knew nothing about, helped with backgrounds and more. We shared Herb Thursdays together posting information on all kinds of herbs. I really enjoyed that. and How fun was Chicken Tuesdays?? I really loved those, and I may just go back to posting chicken on a tuesday from time to time again.
  We followed to multiply and then followed to blogster. I was so glad that I picked up the phone one day and called her. It was soon after she returned back home in Oregon after the funeral of her father. One of her blog posts I just got the feeling she needed a sounding board to bounce off of. We ended up talking on the phone for over an hour, Yep Pat was definately a Jersey Girl-so glad I made that phone call.
  I miss our Sea nymph already; but I am glad she did not have to suffer long term from the pain of her cancer,  

I am so happy too that Pat followed her dream: moving to Oregon by the ocean, meeting her "egg lady" for fresh eggs, mushroom hunting, enjoying the deer in her back yard and more. 


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