Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It's Tuesday and Ice Storm Coming In Late Wednesday

  Good morning all, 

    I have been busy busy on a special project the last 10 days or so. I still have some handwork to finish up, but my fear is our gift will not arrive in time before sudden illness takes our long time blogging friend. I hope to finish up today. Another blogging friend helped me sew the blocks together, this is our love quilt to her and her family. This is another reason I have been aol from my normal blogging posts. When one is in a hurry there just never seems to be enough time. I have 90 hours in the quilt so far and just is not getting completed fast enough. Tine is bad that way.

  Tomorrow I am taking a "road trip" with my neighbor to the big city of Springfield, Mo. to get our taxes done with our accountant, visit a few craft and sewing stores, and meet another friend for lunch. This will be a good break for me-but my mind will be on my other friend and the approaching storm.

The weatherman has been reporting since the weekend now that we have the potential of a really bad ice storm approaching. Coming in late Wednesday night and lasting threw most of Thursday. Possibles of 1/2 an inch accumulation of ice on everything. This spells trouble like taking down the electric-which is not good when living rural as we are the last to get fixed and we also lose our water too. 5 years ago we had a devastating ice storm that took out most of our county's electric poles. We had no power for 19 days and it was bitter cold as well. Hoping not to go threw that again.

I do have the laundry mostly all caught up, I keep gallons of water on hand in the winter months, and with hubby going to town this morning, will remind him to make sure the gas cans are filled in case we need the generator  and hopefully being prepared we will be safe and not need the extra water or generator.
   I am off to hand sew some more. Here is a picture I took of me working over the weekend-laying out the quilting lines In the first photo I was able to capture our eco fan in motion-neat! I love these fans as they are quiet and no motor so they do not use electricity.


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