Friday, February 8, 2013

It's a Saturday Sharing Day

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I am posting a little early, cause we are getting a new internet provider sometime tomorrow. We tried for the last year dsl with TDS and it has been horrible service for the last 9 months. With the price more than doubling at the end of the month we are going back to Hughesnet and trying out their new Gen4 a much faster satelite internet service than they had before. So hoping that all goes smooth. Biggest hassle is changing our new email address's everywhere.

I wanted to thank all of you for your kind and comforting words and support over the loss of our Nikita. I especially appreciate this since I have just met many of you-big hugs and thank yous to all of you.

Today my neighbor friend and I spent the day at our favorite resale shops and an extra stop was to a small historical museum in Linn Creek, Missouri.

The first resale shop we went to I was so thrilled to find a very large  12" copper bottom revere ware skillet, an older one like my set, made in the USA. This will be perfect for cooking up fresh trout that Larry brings home from Bennett Springs, Missouri. I have the smaller sizes down from this one.

At our second favorite shop, where I usually pick up things for my crafts like wool garments, silks, linen garments etc. I instead found 3 tops for me at a dollar a piece. The striped top is so soft, made from cotton and angora rabbit. The other two are made of cotton too, and one will be a nice jacket type or I may end up cutting that one up for my crazy quilt

Next stop was lunch and then to the  museum. The museum was closed but my friend had arranged to drop off some donated vintage linens. While there we discovered several boxes of weaving yarns-mostly wools. These were donated items that they were selling each cone or hank for 50 cents a piece.  Well of course this was the highlight of my day. lol There were also several hanks that I am thinking may be linen, a fine thread nice for weaving kitchen towels. I picked up several cones of mohair/wool blends, and lots of rug wool hanks, and many plain white wool hanks-plan to natural dye those, and 4 hanks of a pretty blue from Sweeden, and many more. I spent 17.00 for all of it and gave the museum a twenty and told her to keep the change. When I came home I just happened to get a weaving catalog in the mail from Halycon. I am guessing all the hanks would sell for a minimum of 10 to 12 dollars each, the large cones of mohair/wool blend would sell for much more, not sure on the price of the linen and I have 6 or 8 large hanks of those-So with 35 pieces of either hanks or large cones at .50 each I did good lol  Now I know what some of you must be thinking, where is she going to put all this new yarn in her crowded craft room?? Well, we figure that one out another day-lol

Another bright thing to my week, the Canadian geese are continuing to visit our pond every morning (thanks Jim for sending them down to me), seems to be 4 that are returning each day now. Also the wild turkeys are returning as well. This morning we had a whole flock of young jakes and big toms browsing for corn.

So life does go on.


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