Monday, February 25, 2013

It's Monday and for me A new Week

  I am so happy to be starting a new week. Now I have been "goofing off" reading things on the computer so far, and have not gotton busy with a craft project that I had planned-but that's ok-I will get back to my crazy quilt piece, finish up the handwork and make into a pillow this week.

  I did get a venison roast into the slow cooker, and fed the cracked corn and bird seed early, as the rains are to begin anytime now. We are right on a line that to the north will get lots of snow, and to the south will get lots of rain today into tomorrow. So it's kind of a wait and see. I think it looks like we will be getting mostly rain. Either way we need all the moisture we can get before spring settles in.

  I just set up a new button for Sylvia's Funday Mondays, if you want to share a craft activity that you are doing, write a post and then link up with her blog. I think she said it will be open each week monday threw friday. Once I get going on my crazy quilt piece I will link up too.

  On Pinterest this morning, I pinned new recipes to my cast iron and woodstove cooking board, new pins on my buttons board, and for herbs I was really happy to run into Whispering Earth Uk. This site is just full of herb information. I love herb sites like this that have clear information that one can actually use.

  and Speaking of Herbs; back when I was on Yahoo 360 and then on Multiply I hosted for awhile, trading weeks off with Sea Nymph Herb Thursdays.(in my label list you will find lots of herb posts)  If anyone is interested in participating in this if I start it up again; let me know. One shares a post on anything herbs-can be gardening with herbs, herb recipes, about a particular herb, just anything about herbs. I always learned allot about herbs just by researching for my own post, and reading others herb posts.

    Have a great Monday everyone!

Oh and I mentioned a couple blogs back that my 100th follower would get a little surprise in the mail, since I am getting close to that mark-am about 3 away I think. Also watch for another pillow giveaway. I have a few little pillows that have not sold on my etsy shop so am going to start giving those away, or perhaps use as trades if anyone would enjoy doing that too.


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