Thursday, February 28, 2013

Is it Really Thursday Already? Sharing Photos

This week is flying by for me. A couple days, I have been enjoying being on the computer reading other's blog posts, finding new things on Pinterest, and mostly feeding the wood stoves and keeping warm too. We missed the worse of the winter storm, so can not complain about that; but it has been a damp cold all week-one of those hard to stay warm weeks. Hubby's truck also slid off of our long driveway into a ditch-our 1/2 mile driveway into the woods is a pretty rough road, yesterday with the help of our friend Mr. L they got it out with our John Deere dozer. We need some more melting of snow before we drive down again.

I did get back one day working on hand sewing down the little borders to my crazy quilt block. This is the first I have used silk thread. I kept losing the thread out of the needle as I sewed so I finally went to a small hand quilting needle and that is working out. Once the borders are all sewn in place, I will decide what embroidery stitch and threads to use to cover the seams from crazy quilt block to the borders. I really like how this batik piece blends in with my wools and my hand dyed cotton piece

I also have been mostly making one pot comfort food meals this week. I took out a little spiral ham I had in the freezer and for a couple days we had a big pot of ham and beans with homemade cornbread-baked in my square cast iron pan. Another day I had a taste for scalloped potatoes and ham so I decided to try making it in the slow cooker, to save propane gas if had used the oven. I made the white sauce with unsweetened soy milk and cornstarch that I cooked first then poured over layers of potatoes, ham, chives and lots of cheese. Towards the end of the cooking time I placed large slices of more ham on top-this turned out excellent, and I will definately make in the slow cooker again. (I used the cornstarch to make this gluten free for me and it worked-did thicken up nicely)

The other day we did wake up to beautiful snows, later in the afternoon most of the snow had fallen out of the trees. We are staying just at freezing all week so a little ice under the snow and is not melting much on the ground 

Our outside kitty Miss Calico stays up close by the house now. We used to always feed her in the barn, but now that it's just her we brought her food up close to the front door. She has always had a vintage suitcase filled with a cozy blanket to sleep in, but I have also added another spot for her with an old wool blanket. She is going on at least 12 years old now; we were given her when we first moved down 10 years ago and she was an older kitty then so I guess at her age. She is the best kitty ever, we love her very much. She takes walks with me now to the ponds.

Of course we always have our wildlife entertainment to enjoy. The groups of young tom turkeys that have been coming stay back closer to the woods and don't come up close to the house like the deer do. They still go after the deer and claim the corn for themselves-which is just too wild to watch. The deer have now gotton smarter and instead of going off into the woods they come up close to the house to eat the corn. So bickering in the wildlife kingdom continues.

It has been very cloudy all week, so these next photos are a little dark-you will notice no deer in the last photo-cause they all moved up front lol

Yesterday was soap making day. I had a couple orders, and we needed bars of soap too. Today I will finish those up and hopefully get back to my hand sewing. I have all of my quilting fabrics that I had washed pressed now, so hoping by the weekend to start on my civil war quilts. I also got commissioned for a special hand dye piece for another quilter-how cool is that?? More on that in the future.

How has your week been?


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