Sunday, February 3, 2013

Decided on a New Blog Page Look

  Last night I played around and changed my page colors several times, got up this morning and did not like it. Was looking for a more clean look, but now not sure if my page looks too sterile or not "warm and inviting"
    So honest feedback please. I wanted the text to be easy to read. I don't know about css to put in my own photos in the background-but blogger does have lots of options especially with all the color and font choices too.

UPDATE  well since last night I have changed my page at least 4 times now-lol  I had dots for awhile I liked those but I didn't, I had blacks and greys and with a sheet of lined paper that I actually liked-but was really not me-not soft enough-I think I designed that one do to my sad mood now.  I had a green for awhile but not the right green-lol so I went back to what I had before but changed up allot of the colors-will keep it this way for awhile 


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