Friday, February 1, 2013

And the Winners of my Drawing Are:

Good morning everyone,
    Another big big thank you goes out to our hostess Vicki for the Grow Your Blog Party event. I have been on and off my blog here since Yahoo 360 went under, and as much as I tried, I just really had a difficult time meeting people that were wanting to connect and comment with each other opposed to just writing a blog but not wanting to communicate with their readers. I have met so many wonderful people thew the blog party already-that I just want Vicki to know I had so much fun.

   Thank you to everyone that stopped by and visited, many of you I have already connected with to expand my wonderful blogging world.

   When I started getting more than 25 comments I started writing your names on scrap paper and folding them and putting them in this market bag that my Mom had made years ago.

   I numbered them as they came in. I then found out how to number my comments from Pigtales and Quilts-but did not think about my comments back to you being numbered as well-oops-so I only numbered your names as they came in.

After mixing up the names several times last night while watching tv-I drew the names this morning
So my two winners are:

The name first drawn is Yarni Gras and she wrote she loved the bird pillow (as did most all of you-thanks) and my second winner is Donna Heber who has won my matching flower pillow.

   I hope the winners are pleased-and thanks so much again to all of you that participated.


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