Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Soaps in my Shop for Spring

Yesterday I made soap for a couple orders, and then I started to make up soaps for the upcoming spring holidays. 
    One of my customers asked for my flowers in hearts guest soaps to be made with purples for spring instead of red. I loved the color, so I decided to list in my shop. The fragrance is wonderful, I used several essential oils and fragrance oils of roses and lavender.
   I also have a few more new soap molds that will be ideal for spring and summer that I am anxious to design some soap into; a new butterfly mold, garden watering can with flowers, lilies, and I have a calendula mold. So fun with soap in the coming days and weeks.
   I love the little golden birds, thought they turned out really pretty. For more information on these and other soaps just click here for my Kathyinozarks Soaps  I do also have a link to my shops in the upper left hand column here. I also ship international if interested, just need to contact me at my shop for shipping charges. The post office made allot of changes with international rates, so easier for me to figure out per order.

 It has been quite cold here all week so snow is not melting, and actually we have lots of ice underneath the snow-so not too fun walking out there or attempting to drive any where We will be staying put til this thaws off a bit.

Is it Really Thursday Already? Sharing Photos

This week is flying by for me. A couple days, I have been enjoying being on the computer reading other's blog posts, finding new things on Pinterest, and mostly feeding the wood stoves and keeping warm too. We missed the worse of the winter storm, so can not complain about that; but it has been a damp cold all week-one of those hard to stay warm weeks. Hubby's truck also slid off of our long driveway into a ditch-our 1/2 mile driveway into the woods is a pretty rough road, yesterday with the help of our friend Mr. L they got it out with our John Deere dozer. We need some more melting of snow before we drive down again.

I did get back one day working on hand sewing down the little borders to my crazy quilt block. This is the first I have used silk thread. I kept losing the thread out of the needle as I sewed so I finally went to a small hand quilting needle and that is working out. Once the borders are all sewn in place, I will decide what embroidery stitch and threads to use to cover the seams from crazy quilt block to the borders. I really like how this batik piece blends in with my wools and my hand dyed cotton piece

I also have been mostly making one pot comfort food meals this week. I took out a little spiral ham I had in the freezer and for a couple days we had a big pot of ham and beans with homemade cornbread-baked in my square cast iron pan. Another day I had a taste for scalloped potatoes and ham so I decided to try making it in the slow cooker, to save propane gas if had used the oven. I made the white sauce with unsweetened soy milk and cornstarch that I cooked first then poured over layers of potatoes, ham, chives and lots of cheese. Towards the end of the cooking time I placed large slices of more ham on top-this turned out excellent, and I will definately make in the slow cooker again. (I used the cornstarch to make this gluten free for me and it worked-did thicken up nicely)

The other day we did wake up to beautiful snows, later in the afternoon most of the snow had fallen out of the trees. We are staying just at freezing all week so a little ice under the snow and is not melting much on the ground 

Our outside kitty Miss Calico stays up close by the house now. We used to always feed her in the barn, but now that it's just her we brought her food up close to the front door. She has always had a vintage suitcase filled with a cozy blanket to sleep in, but I have also added another spot for her with an old wool blanket. She is going on at least 12 years old now; we were given her when we first moved down 10 years ago and she was an older kitty then so I guess at her age. She is the best kitty ever, we love her very much. She takes walks with me now to the ponds.

Of course we always have our wildlife entertainment to enjoy. The groups of young tom turkeys that have been coming stay back closer to the woods and don't come up close to the house like the deer do. They still go after the deer and claim the corn for themselves-which is just too wild to watch. The deer have now gotton smarter and instead of going off into the woods they come up close to the house to eat the corn. So bickering in the wildlife kingdom continues.

It has been very cloudy all week, so these next photos are a little dark-you will notice no deer in the last photo-cause they all moved up front lol

Yesterday was soap making day. I had a couple orders, and we needed bars of soap too. Today I will finish those up and hopefully get back to my hand sewing. I have all of my quilting fabrics that I had washed pressed now, so hoping by the weekend to start on my civil war quilts. I also got commissioned for a special hand dye piece for another quilter-how cool is that?? More on that in the future.

How has your week been?

Monday, February 25, 2013

It's Monday and for me A new Week

  I am so happy to be starting a new week. Now I have been "goofing off" reading things on the computer so far, and have not gotton busy with a craft project that I had planned-but that's ok-I will get back to my crazy quilt piece, finish up the handwork and make into a pillow this week.

  I did get a venison roast into the slow cooker, and fed the cracked corn and bird seed early, as the rains are to begin anytime now. We are right on a line that to the north will get lots of snow, and to the south will get lots of rain today into tomorrow. So it's kind of a wait and see. I think it looks like we will be getting mostly rain. Either way we need all the moisture we can get before spring settles in.

  I just set up a new button for Sylvia's Funday Mondays, if you want to share a craft activity that you are doing, write a post and then link up with her blog. I think she said it will be open each week monday threw friday. Once I get going on my crazy quilt piece I will link up too.

  On Pinterest this morning, I pinned new recipes to my cast iron and woodstove cooking board, new pins on my buttons board, and for herbs I was really happy to run into Whispering Earth Uk. This site is just full of herb information. I love herb sites like this that have clear information that one can actually use.

  and Speaking of Herbs; back when I was on Yahoo 360 and then on Multiply I hosted for awhile, trading weeks off with Sea Nymph Herb Thursdays.(in my label list you will find lots of herb posts)  If anyone is interested in participating in this if I start it up again; let me know. One shares a post on anything herbs-can be gardening with herbs, herb recipes, about a particular herb, just anything about herbs. I always learned allot about herbs just by researching for my own post, and reading others herb posts.

    Have a great Monday everyone!

Oh and I mentioned a couple blogs back that my 100th follower would get a little surprise in the mail, since I am getting close to that mark-am about 3 away I think. Also watch for another pillow giveaway. I have a few little pillows that have not sold on my etsy shop so am going to start giving those away, or perhaps use as trades if anyone would enjoy doing that too.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I'm Back

 Now that was a scary experience!! and I have allot of my blog posts from yahoo 360 (dating way back) that I brought over to here.

 I couldn't sleep last night so I was reading blogs from my blog list, and then all of a sudden I got a message from Google that my account had been compromised or something so they "deleted" it. Deleted?? oh my.

  To restore my blog I needed to give them my phone number, wait for a call with my security code and follow instructions. Well at 4 am in the morning I don't think hubby would appreciate a call waking him up-so I waited til  now.

Have no idea what happened, one thing I did to my blog that was different;  was to add a different email to the right side column of my blog page.  One new follower used that email and when I replied my new internet provider would not send it out. This smae person contacted me again with a different email and my provider still would not let me reply back this morning.

As I change over all my emails to the new internet provider, I have all of them going til March 1st so perhaps that is the problem don't know. Have no idea lol so I deleted that email off of my page here, but I can be contacted threw my profile.

So I hope I have no more problems and that I am here to stay-lol

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday Sharing Day and Catch Up

 Please join us at Pig Tales and Quilts for Saturday Sharing Day

 This is one month I will be more than happy to have end and go into March.

   Yesterday I finished up all the hand sewing on the quilt I was making, and also the quilt has been washed and dried. It is now packed and ready to mail out to my friend's granddaughter.
     I am not on Facebook but I have a mutual friend that contacted Sea Nymph's family and after explaining about the quilt I had made, gave us the mailing address to her Granddaughter. So I finally felt a sense of completion. Time just slipped away from my friend, after being diagnosed with cancer she passed in less then 3 weeks-so sad.

   Here are a few photos of the quilt. When I had finished cutting all the quilt pieces, I called another mutual friend and asked if she would like to help sew quilt blocks, so I am hoping our quilt will give comfort to Sea's granddaughter. I added pumpkins to the border and to the 4 corners-cause Pat loved to cook and bake with pumpkin.

   Wednesday my neighbor and I spent a day in the city. I was able to find a couple more pieces of 1800's reproduction fabrics for the next 2 quilts I want to make for us. I haven't had a chance to begin Barbara Brackman's civil war bom quilt yet. I now should have all of the chocolate browns and pinks for this quilt, and I just ordered the setting block material, and some border fabric. Here is a photo of my washed fabrics ready to get pressed

Brackman's bom quilt is based on the diary by Sarah Morgan, I was also able to pick up the revised edition of this book that is more complete than the original that was released So started reading, wanted to read her diary as I made this civil war quilt.

When we were out shopping I was also happy to find the fabric I needed for the quilt pattern Primitive Paradise, also by Barbara Brackman-I shared the photo in the previous blog This fabric will be the base for all my wool appliques on the medallion square and on the surrounding square blocks. The pattern shows cotton appliques, but I am going to change those over to wool.

When we are visiting Jo ann's fabric store, I always like to browse the magazine rack. Where we live we do not have access to many magazine titles. I found this one, a little pricey, but I was glad I ended up picking it up. Lots of ideas, and had a couple hand dye projects too. Within the book, I discovered this publisher has many magazines, for aprons, recycling into new clothes etc, many subjects.

Outside my bay window.

Yesterday was the first I ventured outdoors after the ice storm. It looks like snow out there, but there is a thin layer of snow and a very very thick layer of ice. Really wild to walk on lol

There are always lots of birds out there, but when I grab the camera most fly off-lol

Happy Saturday!!

Oh and I just looked over at my followers list and I am approaching 100-how fun is that?? Whom ever is my 100th I will mail off a little surprise. Next week sometime I will also have a giveaway too

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Looking Out my Bay Window

The ice started falling around 7 am this morning, has continued threw most of the day, along with the winds, but I am so thankful we still have electic. Tuesday I spent the morning filling up the wood rack so we have wood up close to the house to fill the two wood stoves.
I am slow with the handwork, but I can finally see the end-hand sewing down the quilt binding. Another couple hours, and then some handwork with the custom label I had made, and then I will reveal the photos.

Ice Storm has Arrived

We haven't had a major winter storm here in a couple years. I am situated in the middle of the storm where we will be getting lots of ice, thunder, lightening, and high winds-then snow sounds fun-lol Below us is to have more ice than us, and above us is to have more snow, and surrounding states is to have a winter blizzard of a foot or more of snow.
  So today is a good day to sit by the wood stove, and will finish up the quilt I was making for our sea nymph. I have friends working on contacting her grand daughter on fb so I can mail the quilt to her. This quilt also has loving stitches in it from Karen-kentuckyweaver.
  Yesterday, I spent a day with my neighbor friend in Springfield, mo. we had our taxes to do, visited a couple of craft and fabric stores, sams club, and met my friend Rita on etsy for lunch. A long but nice day. I needed to get out of the house too, this has been a rough month for us.
   There was a new fabric store that just opened FM fabrics. I found the 1800 reproduction fabrics I needed. Another chocolate brown to go with my pinks and browns civil war quilt. I also found an 1830 pattern by Barabara Brackman that I purchased a few years ago, and I needed one more fabric for that-so I got that too Here is a link to the pattern Primitive Paradise  I am going to use my reclaimed wools for all the appliques.Below is a photo of the pattern.

  I also picked up some beautiful glass beads for my crazy quilt project So a nice day.
hunkerking down for the storm Stay safe everyone

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Loss of a Friend

 It is always so sad to lose a friend.
I had a feeling she was gone over the weekend while I worked on her quilt, but another blog friend that is on fb said it was just posted there this morning; about the loss of our dear friend.
Pat (our Sea Nymph) was one of my very first blogging friends over on 360. I had recently retired, learned about blogging and found 360. Pat helped me with all the tech stuff I knew nothing about, helped with backgrounds and more. We shared Herb Thursdays together posting information on all kinds of herbs. I really enjoyed that. and How fun was Chicken Tuesdays?? I really loved those, and I may just go back to posting chicken on a tuesday from time to time again.
  We followed to multiply and then followed to blogster. I was so glad that I picked up the phone one day and called her. It was soon after she returned back home in Oregon after the funeral of her father. One of her blog posts I just got the feeling she needed a sounding board to bounce off of. We ended up talking on the phone for over an hour, Yep Pat was definately a Jersey Girl-so glad I made that phone call.
  I miss our Sea nymph already; but I am glad she did not have to suffer long term from the pain of her cancer,  

I am so happy too that Pat followed her dream: moving to Oregon by the ocean, meeting her "egg lady" for fresh eggs, mushroom hunting, enjoying the deer in her back yard and more. 

It's Tuesday and Ice Storm Coming In Late Wednesday

  Good morning all, 

    I have been busy busy on a special project the last 10 days or so. I still have some handwork to finish up, but my fear is our gift will not arrive in time before sudden illness takes our long time blogging friend. I hope to finish up today. Another blogging friend helped me sew the blocks together, this is our love quilt to her and her family. This is another reason I have been aol from my normal blogging posts. When one is in a hurry there just never seems to be enough time. I have 90 hours in the quilt so far and just is not getting completed fast enough. Tine is bad that way.

  Tomorrow I am taking a "road trip" with my neighbor to the big city of Springfield, Mo. to get our taxes done with our accountant, visit a few craft and sewing stores, and meet another friend for lunch. This will be a good break for me-but my mind will be on my other friend and the approaching storm.

The weatherman has been reporting since the weekend now that we have the potential of a really bad ice storm approaching. Coming in late Wednesday night and lasting threw most of Thursday. Possibles of 1/2 an inch accumulation of ice on everything. This spells trouble like taking down the electric-which is not good when living rural as we are the last to get fixed and we also lose our water too. 5 years ago we had a devastating ice storm that took out most of our county's electric poles. We had no power for 19 days and it was bitter cold as well. Hoping not to go threw that again.

I do have the laundry mostly all caught up, I keep gallons of water on hand in the winter months, and with hubby going to town this morning, will remind him to make sure the gas cans are filled in case we need the generator  and hopefully being prepared we will be safe and not need the extra water or generator.
   I am off to hand sew some more. Here is a picture I took of me working over the weekend-laying out the quilting lines In the first photo I was able to capture our eco fan in motion-neat! I love these fans as they are quiet and no motor so they do not use electricity.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wild Turkeys & Doings

 It's a Saturday sharing day-please join in or visit other participating blogs at Pig Tales and Quilts here

 We have been back to enjoying the wild turkeys that visit us here in our woods. They are usually sometimes hard to spot as they have keen vision and hearing, but last spring when we started throwing out cracked corn back by the woods line but in view from our bay window; we have been enjoying the wild turkey.
   We have been in a drought here for 2 years now, last year especially the summer was pretty extreme with no rain for months on end but summer temps in the 100's or close to it since end of May.
    We had a large flock with 3 adult hens and all their youngsters that visited us daily once they spotted the corn. We enjoyed their antics and watching the young ones mature to adults by early fall. I learned that the turkeys seemed to be a close knit family and the youngsters would get in line once called to do so.
   Just this past week, we have been getting small flocks of young jakes with older tom turkeys, now we are mostly getting flocks of just the older toms. So I am thinking the hens must have told them about the corn-lol as this is the first; to see the older toms so close.
    The deer have been coming all threw the winter months for corn, and now they are needing to share with the turkeys. However, these tom turkeys do not want to share-but go after the deer claiming the corn for themselves. We saw one tom attack a deer by flying towards it, and hitting the side of the deer. Of course all the deer retreated to the woods-but they stayed close keeping an eye on the turkeys-and when they left, the deer came back in looking for any corn that may have been missed. This behavior was quite surprising to me.
    more information on turkeys here and also from Missouri conservation here  With the toms visiting so close I am wondering if we will be treated soon by their courtship dances for the hens.

Here is another photo from the other day, the snow is all gone now, but we are in for some cold wintry temps today.

  We are still having a difficult time with the loss of our Nikita. We were so close to her that this is going to take some time. I am thinking allot of time. I have been keeping myself busy with a project that I will share once its finished, mailed off, and received. Next up is to begin on my civil war quilt that had gotton put on hold. I needed some more chocolate browns to go with the pinks and I  found what I needed online and on sale too. So once the fabrics are all washed and pressed I can begin-I will be following along with Barbara Brackman's civil war block of the month-you can find her in my blog list.
    I am also going to get serious with my weaving in the coming months. We found the pad I need to put under my large rug loom. It needed something so as I weave the loom won't "walk" So I will be getting that loom all cleaned up, get my instructions out-so I can hang the 4 harnesses on their pulleys-and see if I can figure out the rest of it-and get to weaving.I went threw my weaving materials and found a large bath towel pattern made with cotton and linen-so with the linen I found last week-I think that may be one of my first projects.
  My readers know that I usually post every day sometimes more than once a day-but I am going threw this sad time right now, so have not written as I usually do. I am reading you though, and commenting sometimes too.
      Happy Saturday everyone! What are you all doing this weekend?  Oh and be watching for a giveway soon, perhaps a couple giveaways. I have some pillows in my etsy shop that will be coming off soon and since they have not sold decided to set up some giveaways instead-perhaps even "auction" them off here as trade material for something cool you all have made.

UPDATE:  Amanda had asked about links in my area where I live. I put a couple in comments but I see now you can not just click on them you would need to copy and paste. so here are some links that you can click on -lol

Lake in the Ozarks State Park here
Bennett Springs State Park  here
Lake in the Ozarks Sate Park  here  and Lake in the Ozarks here

We are  also not too far from (an hour or so) Ft Leonard Wood, Jefferson City, Springfield Missouri,a couple hours from Branson-the economy has not been good to us; soon after we retired everything crashed so we have been in a tight money bind. We don't travel around much do to poor transportation but I am really happy and content staying right where I am-I love it here. and I have more than enough craft and home projects to keep me quite busy lol

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Outside My Bay Window This Morning

We woke up this morning to just enough snow to make the woods beautiful. The sun will melt this all off by this afternoon.

Went to make me a cup of hot tea, when I glanced outside our bay window that is in our living room-saw that our wildlife entertainment had arrived-so grabbed my camera

For my new readers; our drought last year continued from the year before, so there was no wild fruits in the woods. We decided to start feeding cracked corn when we noticed a large flock of young turkeys with their moms roaming our area. Once they found the corn, they blessed us with their presence most every day. They stopped visiting mid November of last year. 

We have been seeing small groups of jakes and tom turkeys a couple weeks ago visiting the back area between our row of tall pines and the woods. This group is an older group of toms.

We even had a few deer visit this morning too. Haven't checked the front of the house yet where we have a couple of ponds-to see if the Canadian geese pair returned.

We have our new internet now-went back to Hughes satelite and their new Gen4 system. Seems to be working pretty good so far. We are having some problems both with our internet and our satelite tv service-due to this really heavy snow that must have fell on the dishes-that does not happen all that much. But what is funny I was watching the Westminister Dog Show and all our statelite stuff went out last night right at the end of the working group. Today they showing this again-and it just all went out again at the same spot lol so I guess I am going to miss the end of the dog show.

Hubby is working on setting up our emails-and then quite a task to change allot of things over to the new one. But I am so glad we did not put up with poor service and high prices from TDS phone company's DSL.

 I called them yesterday to tell them after our promotional contract ends this month I wanted to cancel and not renew. Of course she asked why and when I explained what happened that where our signal was coming from had been hit in a lightening storm 9 months ago, and that when the tech came out to check out our system--he informed us what had happened and that your company TDS said it was too expensive to repair. I could  not believe what she told me-she says you must understand that in order for companies like ours to stay in business they must know when to cut their losses. I said what about your obligation, commitment to your customers?? Especially since your company refuses to adjust the high price when we were barely getting 1 meg of speed. She did not waiver on her argument. I was quite surprised by this coming from a phone company that has a monopoly in my rural area. I have no other choice for my local phone except for TDS. Pretty sad I thought.

Well all that is behind us now-hopefully no more big problems. I am off to work on my project that I will reveal when it is completed

Have an awesome day!

Monday, February 11, 2013

changing internet providers today

 Just wanted to drop a note in case I am not online for a couple days. New provider coming this morning, and we have lots of things to change over-lots of emails on business stuff etc etc. We also have 2 computers so hubby needs to fix mine up after the tech leaves as they only hook up the main computer.
    Have a wonderful monday everyone

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Question-How do you reply to your blog comments here

 Hi everyone,One of the things that I am still not used to here on blogger, is that there is no subscribe feature like our old 360 had, multiply had, and blogster does have. 

In those sites we had a little inbox on the blog site or in blogster we can subscribe to someone-and then we are notified when someone comments on our blog post, and also when someone replys to the comment. This feature is a big plus in communicating with our friends and contacts.

I began by replying like I always did on my  blog post, but got to thinking if that person that commented did not return to my post then they would not know if I replied or not. and if you are like me and browse and comment threw several friends pages it is then hard to get back to those same posts that we commented on.

So I started instead replying to comments threw my personal email. I have my settings set for comments on my blog posts to go to my personal email-easier way for me to keep track of my comments.  I just had a friend ask me how she would know if I commented back to her comment on my page. and I said I have been replying to you from my personal email--well she is not getting any of those replys.

So I am thinking if one does not list an email in their settings here on blogger than this method of replying will not work. is that how it is set up?

Hope this all makes sense lol  your input welcome on this, how do you keep track of your comments and replys?? thanks 

Friday, February 8, 2013

It's a Saturday Sharing Day

It's a Saturday Sharing Day is hosted by Pig Tales and Quilts, please stop by to visit and/or to participate with a blog sharing your week.Link in my right hand column.

I am posting a little early, cause we are getting a new internet provider sometime tomorrow. We tried for the last year dsl with TDS and it has been horrible service for the last 9 months. With the price more than doubling at the end of the month we are going back to Hughesnet and trying out their new Gen4 a much faster satelite internet service than they had before. So hoping that all goes smooth. Biggest hassle is changing our new email address's everywhere.

I wanted to thank all of you for your kind and comforting words and support over the loss of our Nikita. I especially appreciate this since I have just met many of you-big hugs and thank yous to all of you.

Today my neighbor friend and I spent the day at our favorite resale shops and an extra stop was to a small historical museum in Linn Creek, Missouri.

The first resale shop we went to I was so thrilled to find a very large  12" copper bottom revere ware skillet, an older one like my set, made in the USA. This will be perfect for cooking up fresh trout that Larry brings home from Bennett Springs, Missouri. I have the smaller sizes down from this one.

At our second favorite shop, where I usually pick up things for my crafts like wool garments, silks, linen garments etc. I instead found 3 tops for me at a dollar a piece. The striped top is so soft, made from cotton and angora rabbit. The other two are made of cotton too, and one will be a nice jacket type or I may end up cutting that one up for my crazy quilt

Next stop was lunch and then to the  museum. The museum was closed but my friend had arranged to drop off some donated vintage linens. While there we discovered several boxes of weaving yarns-mostly wools. These were donated items that they were selling each cone or hank for 50 cents a piece.  Well of course this was the highlight of my day. lol There were also several hanks that I am thinking may be linen, a fine thread nice for weaving kitchen towels. I picked up several cones of mohair/wool blends, and lots of rug wool hanks, and many plain white wool hanks-plan to natural dye those, and 4 hanks of a pretty blue from Sweeden, and many more. I spent 17.00 for all of it and gave the museum a twenty and told her to keep the change. When I came home I just happened to get a weaving catalog in the mail from Halycon. I am guessing all the hanks would sell for a minimum of 10 to 12 dollars each, the large cones of mohair/wool blend would sell for much more, not sure on the price of the linen and I have 6 or 8 large hanks of those-So with 35 pieces of either hanks or large cones at .50 each I did good lol  Now I know what some of you must be thinking, where is she going to put all this new yarn in her crowded craft room?? Well, we figure that one out another day-lol

Another bright thing to my week, the Canadian geese are continuing to visit our pond every morning (thanks Jim for sending them down to me), seems to be 4 that are returning each day now. Also the wild turkeys are returning as well. This morning we had a whole flock of young jakes and big toms browsing for corn.

So life does go on.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Surprise in my Pond

I posted my photo full size so you can view the geese better. There were 6 that stopped by yesterday, and this morning we had these 4. I think they may have been swimming to the bank, cause as I tried to step a little closer they all flew off lol

Since we moved here, we have been hoping a pair of geese or wild ducks would raise a family in one of  our ponds. This pond is up near the house back by the property line that is in front of the house  and also behind a little mini garden I am trying to create This is one of the minnow ponds the guys built to use for bait when fishing on the lake.

They are a welcome site right now for me-such a stressful week, and I have good friends, and I appreciate all of your comments of support. Hugs 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Rough Week

It's been a rough few days for me emotionally, and will continue for a bit. News of our Sea Nymph has me down.
Also these past few days since friday saying our goodbyes to Nikita. She stopped eating over the weekend, and she will drink water only if I put it in my hands for her to drink. Got lots of kisses too from her.
So heart breaking to lose such an amazing soul. I called the vet this morning to come out. I thought I had cried it all out last november, then she managed to get up and about, and take short walks a couple times a week. But this weekend, her body is reaching the end. We have had furry family members before, but Nikita is the hardest. We have had her since a puppy-15 years now-, she traveled with us up and back to Missouri as I got ready for retirement. She was by Larry's side when he went threw his heart attack and all the complications that came with it-Since moving down here back in the fall of 03 Nikita and I have taken walks around our woods every day. Can't stop crying about this-but this is life-

We are at the end of our year dsl promotion with tds  Horrible service for the last 9 months We barely get a meg in speed now. A few months after we had it we had an electrical storm that took out where we were getting our hook up or what ever it is. Called the techs to come out and he told us that it was so expensive to fix that tds won't replace it-so the service has gone down hill.  I called this morning to negotiate the price since the monthly fee will be more than double and we are not getting what we were promised
  We went on up the line in supervisors-and bottom line is they don't care take it or leave it. We even found on their online site where they are offering the same service now for half the money-so I at least wanted that price-nope can't do it period. was quite stunned at their attitude. the only draw back in living rural is things like internet or tv service you have very few choices for service. and these companies know that and most don't care.
  So I called hughes net back-we had them for 8 years or so and they had a satelite go out, we had had really bad customer service from them, and they did not keep us informed as to what was happening. and it was very expensive. so I had heard that they had upgraded their internet to much better speeds during the last few months. So after talking with the sales lady for over a half an hour we signed up. The price will be the same as what dsl will be when it goes up and we will have much faster speed.
  we don't have to be super fast like city folk get, I just want the internet to work-lol  Not looking forward to our email change again though-we both just had new business cards made, and I always seem to lose my address book when this happens. They are coming wednesday morning so will tackle all that then.
so this is a very stressful day I think I will go make me a cup of hot chocolate with peppermint marshmallows before I tackle bringing in the wood for the week

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl

  I was not for any one team in particular this year, but was kinda favoring the Ravens. I love it when games go down to the wire-thought it was a great game, and I loved most all of the commercials too. Last year I thought the commercials were pretty poor. go daddy's is usually pretty bad though-lol
    those of you that watched the game-what did ya think? a little bit of everything this year-including the loss of lights-lol

Art Sunday Water

from here

Winter Thunder

from here

beach waves pastel painting

from here

How to paint rain

Decided on a New Blog Page Look

  Last night I played around and changed my page colors several times, got up this morning and did not like it. Was looking for a more clean look, but now not sure if my page looks too sterile or not "warm and inviting"
    So honest feedback please. I wanted the text to be easy to read. I don't know about css to put in my own photos in the background-but blogger does have lots of options especially with all the color and font choices too.

UPDATE  well since last night I have changed my page at least 4 times now-lol  I had dots for awhile I liked those but I didn't, I had blacks and greys and with a sheet of lined paper that I actually liked-but was really not me-not soft enough-I think I designed that one do to my sad mood now.  I had a green for awhile but not the right green-lol so I went back to what I had before but changed up allot of the colors-will keep it this way for awhile 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

It's a Saturday Sharing Day

Good morning Saturday, to participate or to just visit Saturday morning blogs go to Pig Tales and Quilts

It's been kind of an up and down emotional week for me. I just got the news that a long time blog friend of mine now has cancer and it looks really bad. So have been praying for her and thinking about her. Our family pet Nikita of 15 years is losing ground, So we love her every day still, make sure she knows that-and will be calling our vet soon.

It has been quite cold here during most of the week, but looks like a little warming trend again-and sunshine. We always enjoy the deer and all the wild birds here. I feed cracked corn and seed every day-so sometimes we will have as many as 10 or more deer. It has been too cloudy for me to take a photo from inside our bay window this week.

Yesterday decided it was a good day for homemade chili and of course homemade cornbread.

Here is my go to recipe I found it years ago on King Arthur Flour's site:

Not Northern Cornbread
4 teaspoons bacon drippings or 1 tablespoon melted butter and 1 teaspoon vegetable oil or a combination of bacon fat, oil, butter
1 cup yellow cornmeal divided
2 teaspoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/3 cup boiling water
3/4 cup buttermilk
1 large egg lightly beaten
decide what fat you are using put into 8" cast iron skillet. Place the skillet in a pre heated 450 degreef oven while you prepare the batter.
In a medium size mixing bowl, whisk 2/3 cup of the cornmeal the sugar, salt, baking powder, baking soda In a small bowl combine the remaining 1/3 cup of cornmeal and the boiling water stir to blend. add the buttermilk to the cornmeal water mixture, whisking til most of the lumps are gone, stir in beaten egg
stir together the wet and dry ingredients mixing til just combined. Remove the hot skillet from the oven and pour any excess fat into the cornbread batter (I always forget to do that part) spoon the batter into the skillet spreading evenly over the bottom. return the skillet to the oven and bake 20 minutes til its starting to brown around the edges and the center springs back when lightly pressed with your finger tips. (also test with a toothpick in the middle) remove the skillet from the oven, and transfer cornbread to a cooling rack. enjoy
For the size skillet above in my photo-I double this recipe. this also takes about 5 more minutes to bake.
for the cornmeal I use half cornmeal (a good quality one) and the other half I will sometimes use a toasted cornmeal, or a blue cornmeal, or popcorn meal  they are all excellent.
for us I do not put in the salt, and I use a sugar-stevia blend for the sugar.

This week I made several new soaps for my etsy shop

I also made more animal critter soaps for kids that I don't have photos of yet. I made one batch with lavender essential oil and the other batch with chamomile-neorli essential oil-these are just too sweet-they make me smile and laugh. I also made more roses with a really pretty sparkling red for the base and sparkling white highlights on top.

Hoping in the coming week to get back into sewing. Thanks for visiting and enjoy your weekend!

Friday, February 1, 2013

And the Winners of my Drawing Are:

Good morning everyone,
    Another big big thank you goes out to our hostess Vicki for the Grow Your Blog Party event. I have been on and off my blog here since Yahoo 360 went under, and as much as I tried, I just really had a difficult time meeting people that were wanting to connect and comment with each other opposed to just writing a blog but not wanting to communicate with their readers. I have met so many wonderful people thew the blog party already-that I just want Vicki to know I had so much fun.

   Thank you to everyone that stopped by and visited, many of you I have already connected with to expand my wonderful blogging world.

   When I started getting more than 25 comments I started writing your names on scrap paper and folding them and putting them in this market bag that my Mom had made years ago.

   I numbered them as they came in. I then found out how to number my comments from Pigtales and Quilts-but did not think about my comments back to you being numbered as well-oops-so I only numbered your names as they came in.

After mixing up the names several times last night while watching tv-I drew the names this morning
So my two winners are:

The name first drawn is Yarni Gras and she wrote she loved the bird pillow (as did most all of you-thanks) and my second winner is Donna Heber who has won my matching flower pillow.

   I hope the winners are pleased-and thanks so much again to all of you that participated.


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