Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Took a Walk to the Ponds and Grabbed the Camera

 Good morning Thursday  (if you visiting me from the blog party visit my post and giveaway here)

      Yesterday afternoon I bundled up and went out to feed the birds and wildlife critters, and bring in wood by the woodstoves.  Wow, did I get a surprise it was warm out there-lol I had to come back indoors and unbundle, did not even need gloves-ended up being almost 60 degrees. wow-never knew the temperture was going back up again yesterday.
   Today however is a different story we are to be quite cold with ice again. After my chores I decided to take a walk, which I was used to doing every day, and grabbed the camera.  Not much to take photos of - you can see how dry we are, and from the third of the pond photos you can see how dry-those ponds are usually full of water to the very top.
  Back up to the house I stood still behind the mimosa tree and captured a couple little birds, and found color up near the house.
   And for Fun: 


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