Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wow Shipping International Has Really Increased

 Our post office system here in the US has really made significant changes and increases this week, especially for shipping international, looks like Canada has increased the most. I shipped a package to Canada last week that was over 2 pounds-the same price will get you 3 ounces shipped now. They have changed the names of services especially for packages, and they have greatly increased the prices some have doubled or more why did they do that??.This will greatly hurt business's like ebay and etsy sellers, and other online sellers. 

The difficult thing is I can not seem to find an actual table that lists the new prices. I have found links to it-but they go no where. I found general information about it on stamps.com but their links in the pdf file for the new rates do not open up either.

So I guess it is suppose to be all a mystery-lol Has anyone found an actual chart online with the rates for the new international first class packages? I would greatly appreciate it thank you.


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