Tuesday, January 15, 2013

That's Hard Work Going threw Stuff-lol

  It's a cold day again today, and the house seemed much colder too. Larry and I were both cold, even though we have the wood stoves going.
   So, I got my sweats on and a thick sweatshirt and dove back into my craft room.
I tackled the wall that is covered with shelves  and full of books and quilt material. Also little cabinets with drawers etc on the bottom.
    Well, I made it thru all the books-from weaving, hand dyeing, sewing, quilting-etc. Have a stack to try and sell-and make room for new books-lol Also rearranged so I could find all my 1800's and civil war quilt information.
    Went thru drawers with stamps, and bits of yarns-reminded me of what I have, and took some out to sell that I know I won't use. 
  A biggie was going thru two large boxes of papers, and stationary. I finally have a couple places I can put those things-so that gave me back some more floor space. 
    Was getting tired and looked at the clock-and wow it is 3 in the afternoon, so need to get the firewood in and feed the wild critters.
   Time flew by today for sure. Tomorrow I will tackle the fabric stash-and see if I can eliminate any of it. I don't like to eliminate too much cause when I get in the creative mood-I want things on hand-but I do need to really destash a bit. Once that has been gone thru I need to tackle my large wooden vintage desk-which is perfect for cutting out material for quilts and for creating.
   My desk has been trashed with all kinds of things for making crazy quilt blocks-which includes everything from threads to beads, to laces-I think I could spread out and fill up a whole house with my stuff-lol one room for weaving, one for quiltting, and so on. 
    Need to get going-just thought I would drop in and post-as I actually have not been on the computer since early early this morning.


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