Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reuse Repurpose Doilies

 Good morning Wednesday  (if you visiting me from the blog party visit my post and giveaway here)

  I am still feeling a bit not myself this morning, yesterday it was cold when I was in town with my neighbor friend, and I was going threw a a major attack on my body too-I made chocolate chip cookies a few days ago, not realizing the christmas chips I had purchased had wheat in them. I had not had an attack like I had last night since I was first learning about celiac-and that was 15 years ago. Just never ran into this before wheat in chocolate chips-I will get back to reading labels  more carefully again.

  I am browsing on Pinterest this morning and came across this awesome pin-at least I thought it was a very cool idea
  from here

   Do check the link as this blogger included some awesome ideas for reusing doilies I thought this photo of rolling doilies into your pastry dough was too cool-wouldn't that look pretty on top of a pie?

  Vintage doilies are usually pretty easy to find at garage sales and resale shops-so easy to find what you like. Then what do you do with them? as you can only put so many out and about in your home. So I decided to browse around more on the web for photo ideas.

 love these grocery bags found here

 Wrap favors for a wedding with doilies found here

Beautiful idea found here curtains, tablecloth, lamp shade and more

Now this piece is too awesome-I found it at an etsy shop nuno felt with vintage doilies love it found here

What have you made with your vintage doilies??


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