Sunday, January 6, 2013

Peach Brandy Bottled

I love making these homemade fruit flavored vodkas-or brandys. You can find the recipes I use by searching my blog for recipes brandy or some may be under recipes beverages.

Last July my friend picked up a big box of fresh peaches for me as I had watched her house and watered her flowers while she was away most of the summer. I canned allot of pints, and I also decided to make up this peach brandy. I save all my nifty bottles, and have my neighbor save me his southern comfort bottles-they are the perfect size too.

This recipe has everything in the bucket-the fruit, the sugar water, and the vodka-let sit 4 months and then strain and bottle. I always soak the bottles in bleech water and rinse well. I will put most of the bottles away and let age for at least another 6 months for maxium flavors.

I don't mess around with cheesecloth for straining-I just put two fairly fine strainers together over a pan and let drain and bottle.


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