Friday, January 18, 2013

Orange Oil Being Made

  Remember a couple posts back about all those oranges we got last week? With me making up fresh orange juice, and then making some orange cleaner with vinegar, and lastly a recipe for making orange essential oil?  (here is a link to the first post on the juice and there are couple posts after for the vinegar and oil-just click on newer post at bottom of each blog post)

   Well the orange vinegar smells awesome-going to let it sit in the vinegar for about a month instead of just a couple weeks. I dried some orange peels-but bummer one of my trays started to mold so just threw that tray out. I had it in the garden window in the kitchen-but because of our very cold temps that window collected moisture so got the mold. Didn't want to take any chances of mold transfer, so just thought better to throw it all out.
   I did have one tray that dried up nice so decided to start a batch of the essential oil, I had just enough vodka left over from making the last fruit brandy to do this with. I could have used that extra tray of dried peels though. I am going to start drying some more so may be able to add to this bottle before the alcohol all evaporates away. Anxious to see how this works-will save money to make my own instead of buying the orange essential oil for my soaps and things.

  I am thinking on my next batch of dried peels I will remove more of that white that is on the inside of the peel-perhaps that will get more of the dried orange exposed to the alcohol.

  Will keep ya posted on how this works

Update--oops I should have re read my recipe-as I just looked at it again and I realized I was suppose to process this into small pieces in my processor first and then add to the vodka to release the oil-- covered for serveral days, let sit and then strain out letting oil evaporate-so read the recipe first if you want to do this-now to decide how to proceed-lol

Second Update-don't ya just love this play by play-lol

  Since the peels were now soft from sitting in the vodka for a bit, I fished them out with tongs into a bowl-and then just tore them in smaller strips-and I was quite surprised-there is oil floating on the surface already-now how cool is that??  so below photo is how it should look at this stage-except my peels are larger than they should be


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