Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Orange Juice in the Freezer & Orange Cleaner in the Works

  I don't want to see another orange for a bit-lol  {#basic-ohsnap.gif} I ended up with about 26 cups of fresh squeezed orange juice-very delicious too. I froze 3 cups in quart zip lok bags.
  and thank yous to our sea nymph for suggesting I make an orange cleaner out of the peels-I am so glad she mentioned that-had totally forgotton about doing that. The orange is a nice disenfectant for around the house. Here is the link to the recipe
  I always have gallons of vinegar around cause I use it for fabric softener  now in the rinse cycle. So I had a gallon that was 3/4's full so started stripping the peels off what was left in the insides and stuffed the bottle. I added back in vinegar to fill it back up.
  The second box of oranges was not very nice, and I am tired of oranges at the moment-so those are going outdoors for the wildlife critters like fox and deer etc, and will put some out for the birds too.
  A job will done-lol  can't believe it's 3pm here already though. 


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