Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Orange Juice Happening Here

This is going pretty good. We have a champion juicer that is excellent for bushels of stuff, but I don't think citrus would work too well, cause would need to get all the white out and peels. So I am using my omega juicer with citrus attachment.
   We got the omega juicer as a gift probably 25 years ago. I never used it allot cause it takes out the nutritonal pulp out of foods and I don't like that too much waste. But for this project-I have 2 very full boxes of juice oranges and odd tangelos and the like. the pulp gets caught up in the top-so I add it back in the juice. and this is really hard to clean-that whole citrus attachment is just one piece and lots of pulp inside of it-so I think I will soak it in cold water-and add that back into the juice.
  This juicer does save my shoulder- I don't think I could hand juice all these oranges wlithout being allot of pain afterwards, so this is working out well-I am half thru this first box already.


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