Thursday, January 3, 2013

On the Warm Up Here and Sales in my Soap Shop

 Good morning everyone.
We are getting very very cold at night still, but the days are gradually warming up here. Next week 50s almost every day-love that-except we are still in a drought here. The weather men are saying we are 13 inches below on rainfall so far.
  I also want to mention again how much I love our eco fan from the amish store Lehmans. This fan does really throw the heat off the wood stove and it is so quiet-that is my favorite part. I had found them on sale on ebay thru Lehmans, so decided to buy another one for the second wood stove. sigh they were all gone, so I called them up-and they let be buy another one for the sale price since I had already purchased one. Looking for it to come in the mail today. These eco fans are made in Canada. A neighbor had come over for a visit on New Years Day and he spotted it on the wood stove-what is that he says?? he was quite amazed. lol
   I am thinking of baking up an apple pie today-we have not had any sweet goodies since before Christmas here, and with apples in the frig-sounds like a plan for today. I also finished up my soap order so now just need to finish wrapping and packing it.
  Yesterday I shared sales in my Kathyinozarks Fibers Etsy shop, today I want to share sales in myKathyinozarks Handmade Soap Etsy Shop.
 I just finished marking down LOTS of bars of soaps-I am having a clearance sale on all soaps I have in my inventory at present, including peppermint bars, lavender, rose,  and lots more. Oh and please do not be alarmed with the shipping fees, I had to have the prices reflect the east coast and the west coast from me-I refund back all overages on shipping over .50 cents.
  I pretty much make all my soaps made to order now-especially since I have my listings set up for your choice of soap bases. This month I will be working on new products, and I continue to strive to make my soaps prettier. I will be adding soap with hemp, and a new bath tea for flu and cold season. Looking into making some new whipped butter moisturizers too-thinking of green tea or chamomile.
  My new favorite soap base is the 3 butter-shea butter, mango butter, and coco butter. Really nice bar of soap for lathering and "feel good" on the skin afterwards. But then I also love the goat milk and shea butter too. I am happy with these bases as they are usa made, and all natural ingredients, no detergents. The new formula is more like a cold process soap so it gets harder over time and still lathers well.
   So, I am off to make me a cup of hot tea, get out of my night shirt and into some jeans and get my day started.
Enjoy your new day!!


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